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Where is the temple?

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I love the game so far!  The dragons look great, as do all the other npcs! What does the slime mean, when it says it'll teach some skills if you show it something sexy?

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Is their a patreon for this game yet? I kinda think it deserves one! I really enjoy the way the ui is formatted, and the art style. They're a few grammatical errors, but it's still very enjoyable!

Sounds exciting!

Why haven't more people supported you on patreon yet?

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Chris is too cute :3 I'm like, why don't I get to do icebreakers with best boi?

Also, really love the UI, keep up the good work!

Will we ever see dogo again?

Sam can carry my luggage anytime

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Is the eye class system based at all on The Words Of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson ?

This game is looking great! I hope more people catch wind of this

Sorry I meant the one on the right! I haven't met him ingame yet, so I was wondering if we will see him later?

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Love this game so far! Having an absolute blast! Keep up the amazing work!

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I really love the game so far! What is the Angel Feather used for? Also who's the character on the left?

Is Spencer Yandare? OwO

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Love the game so far! 

Who can you use the gay potion on?

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Keep up the good work! If I may ask, what gay content has been added?

It isn't in the game yet, it says it will be added later on the CG placeholder

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Guide Posted on Patreon:

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I'm curious do you keep puzzle pieces in New Game +? What exactly does it unlock anyway? Can someone please tell me how many of each I should have as well to have a complete set? Also I completed the Camera Bulletin quest but didn't get a puzzle piece, did I do something wrong?  

Nice work! Can't wait for Mammon's route!

Thanks for all the help before, now where can one find that sweet blueberry jam recipe?


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Is there a guide to the events? I can't seem to find the leon events

Love the game so far! What 3 NPCs require charisma to interact with? 

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Love the update, keep up the good work! 

P.S What is the Gay Potion for?

Enjoyed it thoroughly! Can't wait for a finished version!

Dang! Nice sketch, love the line-work!

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Love the game so far! "you're not supposed to be in here...." How do we see the griff event?

I love the game, but I can't seem to beat the mages that are in the way of finding gears grandfather, I keep seeing love combos being mentioned when I die, can someone please explain it to me?

WolfstarDeveloper1 year ago

LOL, no worries friend.  One day I will have to post a full walkthrough of the game  =3


My apologies, I didn't mean to come off as brash, I rather meant  to inquire if a route progression chart is available somewhere, not trying to imply that you truly promised anything.

Nice work! Keep it up!

Please good sir, where is the walkthrough guide we were promised, so many eons ago?...

Is there by chance, a chart showing the route progress for each professor? 

Thanks for the info and keep up the good work :3

I really enjoyed the demo, good job!

I love the story so far, but i'm a little confused, how do you get in johns good graces?