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It isn't in the game yet, it says it will be added later on the CG placeholder

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Guide Posted on Patreon:

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I'm curious do you keep puzzle pieces in New Game +? What exactly does it unlock anyway? Can someone please tell me how many of each I should have as well to have a complete set? Also I completed the Camera Bulletin quest but didn't get a puzzle piece, did I do something wrong?  

Nice work! Can't wait for Mammon's route!

Thanks for all the help before, now where can one find that sweet blueberry jam recipe?


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Is there a guide to the events? I can't seem to find the leon events

Love the game so far! What 3 NPCs require charisma to interact with? 

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Love the update, keep up the good work! 

P.S What is the Gay Potion for?

Enjoyed it thoroughly! Can't wait for a finished version!

Dang! Nice sketch, love the line-work!

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Love the game so far! "you're not supposed to be in here...." How do we see the griff event?

I love the game, but I can't seem to beat the mages that are in the way of finding gears grandfather, I keep seeing love combos being mentioned when I die, can someone please explain it to me? 

Looks promising, keep up the good work!

WolfstarDeveloper1 year ago

LOL, no worries friend.  One day I will have to post a full walkthrough of the game  =3


My apologies, I didn't mean to come off as brash, I rather meant  to inquire if a route progression chart is available somewhere, not trying to imply that you truly promised anything.

Nice work! Keep it up!

Please good sir, where is the walkthrough guide we were promised, so many eons ago?...

Is there by chance, a chart showing the route progress for each professor? 

Love the concept for 3.0! Can't wait to see it and, keep up the good work!

Thanks for the info and keep up the good work :3

I really enjoyed the demo, good job!

I love the story so far, but i'm a little confused, how do you get in johns good graces?

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Are we sure it isn't the dragon that needs saving from all the princesses and princes?

Love the demo! I can't wait for more content!

:3 what is the status of the other routes?

Glad to see you're still up and running!

Thanks for the update! May I ask a question?

Really love the game, keep up the good work!

:3 I also love the new Graphic Interface!

I really love the lizardman content! I hope to see more of them later, keep up the good work!

Love the background art, keep it up!

Good luck with your new job!

Love the new art!

Try looking it up on YouTube, alot of tutorials have been done for that kind of stuff.

 loved the demo, can't wait to learn more in economics!

Thanks! I'll be sure to watch it then!

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I love the art, music and the story but, it's kinda short, the only characters we really interact with is Chris. However the English sometimes is a bit  off putting at times, if you need any help with that, I'd be glad to lend a hand and point out any errors I see!

Thanks for the amazing work as always!

is the whole interview all about WOTB?

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I love this game so much! The characters actually have personalities, it's amazing how incredibly woven together the writing and story blocking all is, I lose myself in the whole world of the story and forget about time flowing around me! Even the romance feels natural, not happening too suddenly or too late,  and not forced into the story, it's just right, a Goldilocks level of writing right here! All the characters have flaws that actually impact them, and hardships you can empathize with, it's almost too good to be true! Keep up the amazing work!