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awesome game, good job

it's my best game i think. Thank you for devlopping it

quand je dis l'histoire je parle de comment se déroule le jeu, il vas au fond pour récupérer le trésor puis remonte a la surface poursuivi par un monstre

Really good game, i liked the light effect and the story

ps: I think u will win lol


woah, looks good

i was sleeping we don't have the same time zone lol. ThankYou for the stream anyway bro!

Cool! i'll check that!

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I liked your game lol!!

Thank u for the comment (Merci mon pote) !

i wanted to say a 'rating' lol

I don't care ╮(︶︿︶)╭

u r just a noob ಠ_ಠ
(it's my sis so...)


Wow, j'ai bien aimé ton jeu, les graphisme était assez impressionnant et la musique très cool.

juste dommage que tu n'as pas pu faire tout ce que tu voulais a en particulier introduire le thème

mais sans ça franchement bon travail!

Wow, I liked your game, the graphics were quite impressive and the music very cool.

just a pity that you couldn't do everything you wanted in particular to introduce the theme

but without that really good job

the artist of Tanoko's fishing

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It's an amazing game, good job!

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Tysm for your comment we really appreciate.

yes, the controls can be better

don't forgot to rate the game   ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

yes, the programmer of the game forget the source code link
but u can play with the exe

Thank you, for your comment,
yeah there is the bug with the time

hello, i'm interested. I'm a pixelartist and a programmer (python and gamemaker)

I sent you a friend request on discord


discord:    mastergemu

Hello, I hope you'r well.
I'm a python programmer, but new with pygame. I can also create pixel art. I need just one person for my team to  win this jam with me.
I need a pixel artist or a pygame programmer. If he is compositer too, it's very nice.

Good job! It's a great concept

if yes ping me on discord                     MasterGemu#6942

do you think we can finish a game in 8days?

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Yes, it's true. Thanks for the info!
I need a 2D artist (pixel art if possible) and for character and environment i can help, I am an artist too.

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I am looking for an artist for my team which will consist of 3 people a developer (me) a composer (Timaza) and an artist (you). If you are interested contact me.

discord: MasterGemu#6942


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Thank you but I don't think we have enough time for to end a game for the jam, sorry.

ok, but What is the second forum listed on the main page of the forums?:

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Here is my mail adress: ***************

Tell me if u have an idea for the concept.


thx, but i am good in pixel art i just don't have enough time

Hey i am french and i need just a pixel artist for the jam, you can see my old project on my itch page.

My discord : MasterGemu#6942



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