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i can do illustration, texturing, rigging, animation and concept art

ive worked in godot and unity before (id love to try unreal and im ready to install it if so :D)

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We haven't discussed a backstory yet, but I (PBeGood4, one of the programmers of this game) like to imagine that the crow is in love with the cargo. The artists made a cute artwork that pointed in that direction, but it wasn't included in the game. Maybe in a future release we'll be able to create a backstory <3

A really fun take on the golf genre.

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great work, its a really fun concept. i love games with ever expanding army's, reading the comments below i might need to check out Overlord in that case. then there's getting progressively more naked as i get hit (built in nude mod), that's pretty sweet.

id love if it had controller support, i assume it was keyboard only.

this seems like a very ambitious game so ill give props for getting it out and mostly playable in 48 hours. im grateful for the check points and instant respawns, as i still cant figure out how to pick back up the heart and usually just let to enemies kill me so i could respawn. my play through ended when i got caught in a pit that i couldn't get out off.

im not a coder myself, i do art and animation. on the visual end it is interesting to see a game in unreal. i love how all your assets came tougher in game, the attack animations are very smooth and beyond the general game jam lack of polish (that we all suffered from) this looks really good!

ha ha yea its not something we intended but we do want to polish that exploit out. distance of the buildings too, we have some ideas how we can better help the player locate themselves in 3d space. thank you for playing our game and we really appreciate the feed back!

thank you for the input

thankyou! we really appreciate the feedback

This was a very cute game. The mechanic of using the Frisbee as an extended jump is a very good idea. I felt the air movement was a bit too sensitive so reworking some sorta of ease with the mid air turning could help.   Keep it up!

you can't do a barrel roll YET :P

Yep making a 3d game was really frustrating on this time limit. Glad you liked it <3

Just tested, and it also works on Chrome on my Mac. We are sorry to hear you had problems.

Well, you read our minds. We are discussing just that.

great job! i really love the logo and character (it seems with each new stage the music started layering over itself)

really good idea and great job on the visuals, had no idea what to expect when i saw the thumbnail 


It is tested to work in MacOS on Firefox


amazing work! i adore this art style

I love the style. Great Job!