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Awesome stuff P-cat!

At the moment I'm only looking for paid projects as I have a lot of free projects I'm working on, but I wish you best of luck ribbon!

A little bump!

Yo Leigh is that you? Didn't expect to see you on here!

Was this made on the doom engine!?

Awesome, thanks! Glad you liked the songs, thanks for the credit and the game looks great!

Good day to you! 
I'm RyanAvx, chiptune music specialist and retro game enthusiast searching for retro gaming inspired projects to work on! Games like Castlevania and Megaman are some of my favourites and are one of the biggest influences on my musical style, but I'm also heavily inspired by PS1, Soundblaster/ADLIB, Amiga and DOS soundtracks.

I have a wide variety of instrumental styles available and can write things hardware authentically or unlimited, using the sounds with no limitations for anything from Atari styled songs or PS2 styled songs.

Please see my itch page for some of the projects I've worked on before, and also a free megaman styled album that you can use for your games. For other examples of my work here is my latest demo reel with a good mix of chpitune and electronic stuff.

Please contact me here, on twitter or on discord at RyanAvx#7941

Look forward to hearing from you and take it easy breezy!

The art is great, the team did an awesome job on those zelda style pixels!

Glad you like it! The music was fun to make!

Thanks for playing! The team did an awesome job and i'm happy you like the music!

Lovely! Are you Rockyz perhaps? I'm not sure, the names are pretty different!

3 dollars for this is an absolute steal my dude

Sure. sounds good with me! My discord is RyanAvx#7941 !

Hey! Don't suppose you're still searching for a composer? I've been interested in a chance to make some weird and experimental stuff and this sounds like a fun project!

I just wanted to say I love the cat character

Thanks Scaler! Glad you liked the music! The art is amazing too, I thought P-cat really captured the feel of a Gameboy platformer

Glad you like the underground music, tried to make a swankier versio of the overworld song!

Great game, harkens back to the platformers of yesteryear, although I might be a biased :p

Kinda spooky, love the retro point and click vibe

This is probably the most detailed dev log I've read here

Can't wait to see the finished version of this (that also has a happy ending.....right!? ;p )


Who made the music for this? It's gorgeous!

Is there a discord server?

Where dat discord server at so we can join teams?

Good day to you! I'm RyanAvx, chiptune composer and content creator on twitch and youtube looking to make music for commercial/non commercial full games. I've messed around in game-jams the past few months and while it's been great, I'm looking to progress on to complete games and OSTs.

My style is Chiptune - I can make it in unlimited or hardware authentic varieties, inspired by the soundtracks from the NES and GB. From that, Capcom OSTs are my main influence and I've made most of my music for fast paced action platformer style games. - My latest album, which also has commercial and non-commercial licenses available (pm me) - Latest OST for a gamejam game, industrial sci-fi style. - Castlevania style - RPG style

If interested please reply to the thread or message me on discord - RyanAvx#7941 or Twitter -

Look forward to working with you!

Nice game you have over here :eyes

Fates of Ort community · Created a new topic Demo Version?

Hi do you have a demo version of the game available at all?

I positively drawn to this game. There are no negative things I can say about it :p

This game's pretty rad :p

The game itself had good graphics and sound design, the mechanics were fun and the story decent, with the setting being great for a horror game. However, the game had a few downsides to it as well. The game was incredible short, being beaten in just over 30 minutes. Normally this is an average time for a horror game like this but the game alluded to a much longer playtime with the introduction of new mechanics in most new scenes, and the ending just felt kind of shoehorned. The monster too wasn't very spoopy, and would have preferred a scarier design, or better scenes with it.

All in all, it ended up as an average game that could have been much more, and for that I'm giving it a 6/10.