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I started on the first day and then the whole week I hadn't enough time. but I am at 12k words by now(only script). I  hope to finish the stroy by this week and start to work on the visual novel itself

First I only uploaded version for Windows/Linux. so if you are using Mac I am sorry I can add a Mac version.
If you from windows, there should be a shortcut in the folder if he for some reason doesn't work then enter the folder and run Dirt Party.exe

ahaha, hope you will enjoy it  ^w^

Oh I didn't noticed. Yeah you right renpy supports the option to open menu with MRC by default I forgot about it XD

I enjoyed the game very much! Got all endings and got satisfied :)

also I was very surprised reading the credits that's this is your first Visual Novel. The GUI looks very good and the arts, sprites, also the writing is great. 

One thing that bothered me is that you can't save while having the choices. Maybe it's just me who don't like that anyway I just saved after one of the choices and then went back, I guess this should be a bug but  that's all! awesome game wait to see your future games :)

Thank you :)

Oh my bad! thanks for noticing going to fix it rn!

Wait, you mean you play in public rooms? wtf everyone plays with friends or with people from their discord

You should adjust the color balance. I am not using photoshop so I don't know where it is but should be in filters. It's not perfect tho, but good enough if you use it corectly

This is cool and I really like Dr. Kruger. shit happen but he just looks at it as something normal lmao that was a bit hilarious. good game.

Hope for more updates, the program is what i searched for and its free so i am glad, even this isn't finished and dosent work perfect you can work with that

hotest chick i ever will get, thank you

cool, i am waiting :)

I liked that, their party also feels real, and they all are smart to forgive and just have fun that is nice :)

nice game, give some Mario vibes with that turtles. The levels was creative! that is what it means "i know how my code/game works" and not just "its works so i am good" and use that for this cool levels

Wow really cool! I like the art so much and the writing with the jokes.