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Well you know, if your project name was easier to discover... :P  Sorry, couldn't resist.

I completely understand.  Too bad I didn't run across this project a lot sooner :)

You might want to consider a name change.  Not that I have anything against "The Dark Cave", but there were at least 4 other projects on with that name.  The game looks pretty cool, though.

I liked the visuals, and as already mentioned it had somewhat of a Limbo vibe to it.  As much as I hate to say this, I would consider not having the respawn feature, or at least having it less frequently (or maybe that would be something to consider if you expand on the experience).  I didn't even realize there was stuff I could throw, or that I use actually supposed to "use" the sound creatively, and I still finished the game in just a couple of minutes.  I think it's a great start to something, though.

Cute game.  Took me a bit to figure out what to do on level 6, but I finally conquered :)  I assume that was the last level in the game?

I'm not usually a big fan of "twitch" games, because I'm too twitchy, but this was a lot of fun.  The visuals are great, too.  So if it's not too spoiler-y, and since I'm not sure I have the fortitude to play through it again, is that key in the third screenshot actually in the game somewhere?  I don't remember seeing it.

Love the visuals, though I don't think I was quite as excited as everyone else about the "game play".  Felt more like a walking simulator than an actual game.  The pager concept was kind of nifty, though.

Got it, and no worries.  My problem was I just downloaded it from the original explanation email you sent instead of clicking the link and claiming it.  I've got the latest version now :)

How do Kickstarter backers get the updated version?  I went to the page specifically for the Kickstarter, but when I click the download button there it just says there are no files currently available.

Very nice.  The graphics are great, and love how almost every level introduces either a brand new concept or a twist on a seasoned one.  Would love to see more of this game.

Nice.  Not going to post my time, because it was anything but speedy, but that was fun.  Just the right amount of challenge.  Like the graphics, too.

I haven't checked the webGL package in the downloads yet, but the demo on the web now goes full screen, so thanks for that.  The weird thing is that when the cursor hits the side of the screen on full screen, movement stops.  I would think the viewpoint would continue to turn.

Is there a way to make the demo go full screen?  Every time I move the mouse a bit too much the viewpoint just kind of goes off-kilter and it's hard to get anywhere.  I actually already bought the graphics pack, and just like to see a bit more of the visuals "in action".

I had run across this game a while back and played it, but I forgot to check something out after I got the ability to fly so I played it through again just now to "complete" it.  Was hoping for a bit more in the "secret" area, but hey, it was still entertaining playing through a second time.  Thanks for a fun little diversion!

Very nice.  3D has its place, but for me you can't beat a solid 2D scrolling SHMUP.  The vibe of this game would have easily fit with the best of the 80's and 90's.

This level has been driving me nuts.  As much as I hated to do it, I watched the synopsis video another player posted, and when they played this level the circled opponent was where I put the red X.  Did this change?  If so, are there any suggestions someone can give me as to what I need to do without solving it for me?  I'd like to actually beat this game, but at some point I'm going to have to restart my browser and don't want to play it all over again!

Intriguing.  Is there a way to make the newspaper go away?  The first time I ran into it I kept walking and it finally disappeared, but on the way back I hit it and then it wouldn't go away, which makes it very hard to continue doing anything in the game.

Cool.  I like the concept, the level wrapping around was a nice touch, and the visuals are great.  The glowing red (eyes?) were particularly nifty, and at times honestly a bit creepy.  So is it fair to say when you see "The End" it truly is the end?  In other words, can you die?

Cute little game.  The graphics are great, and the controls nice and simple.  It would be neat to see this expanded into a fuller experience.  More levels, different enemies, and maybe even the ability to get rid of the bad guys (I'd love to be able to smack the other snakes when I'm slapping one back and forth).

I agree with Deepnight - I didn't quite understand the floor traps.  However, overall I enjoyed the game.  The visuals are cool, and it was fun to kill a few minutes.  How blind was this guy to need four lenses, though???

Like the design and visuals.  Would be nice if there was something a bit more to do than just "find key, progress to next level", but it's entertaining for a while.

That was quite enjoyable.  I also really like the graphics in the logo for the collection :)

Personally I would, but not sure that I alone would be even close to worth it :)  I'm sure there were other earlier examples, but I think back to the Genesis game The Lost Vikings, and at least since that game I've loved playing puzzle games with multiple playable characters on screen at the same time (as long as it's not "real time").

To be clear (which I probably wasn't), I'm just talking about the mechanics.  While the story was cute and obviously meaningful, I'm not sure a full fledged "I'm having a baby" motif would work.  I just liked the idea of multiple characters on the same screen with different capabilities, and while it's certainly not a unique concept you treated it well.  I could also see you using the letter collection for either secret bonuses or maybe a way to get extra powers?

Congrats on the baby, and way to introduce her!  You should consider expanding on this game play concept some day to make a full fledged game.

Nice game.  Visuals were great, game was just the right amount of challenging for an early Saturday morning, and I liked the use of all the different forms to solve the puzzles.  The tree climbing and the snake moving were a bit wonky, but otherwise very well done.

And BestPossibleGames, if you didn't figure it out yet, just answer the question "Which came first?"

I'm not sure if I've played the original one, but this was a fun little game.  The graphics are great, and the controls nice and easy.  The last few levels were kind of challenging getting the blocks placed exactly where they were needed, but overall a quick, entertaining diversion.

The positives: love the visuals, the soundtrack is cool, and the integration of the old Kong footage is great.

The negative: the control is very unfriendly.  I find it difficult to maneuver effectively to be able to grab anything.

I really like the premise, though.

Very nice.  Looks good, sounds good, and simple to play yet satisfying to finish.  Good job!

Cute game.  I love the concept and the visuals.  Would have been kind of funny to have a mock version of the game show up on the gameboy screen at the end there, but otherwise very nice!

Very nice.  I really like how you introduced each new mechanic on a non-water level first.  Extremely sporting of you :)  The graphics were also really well done.

Didn't try, but I tend to be a bit of a twitchy gamer, and sometimes I felt like I might be overreacting on this one :)

Cute game.  Is it actually possible to die?  It would be cool to see this expanded with some actual enemies and maybe different goals on some levels or something.

I wish I had some contacts to share with you.  The demo was great, and your promo trailer looks incredible.  I can think of a few publishers where this game would fit right in.

Okay, so a lot of games that try to "flip the script" just feel like the same game with different skins (eg: you playing the villain instead of the good guy).  This one, however, actually subverts the brick breaking genre and is pretty cool.  Good job!

I did try the key rebinding, but when I hit the arrow keys it doesn't seem to recognize them.  I guess I could try my game controller, but this just felt like a keyboard game to me :)

Tried the tutorial, and I think there's a lot of promise, but it would be great if you could allow the arrow keys for movement.

Didn't realize until I started looking at the comments how old this game was.  I just discovered it, though, and lucky me!  It was certainly amusing, and I liked the Donkey Kong beat!  Not sure how long it took me, but I did complete it.  Kind of funny how while it wasn't your intention that people would actually finish it, people sure seem intent on doing so.  Maybe you should have a version that does the whole text of King Lear :)

Fun little game.  I'm not going to post my time, because it's pretty embarrassing, but I did manage to finish.  I just seemed to always pause at the wrong moment :)