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Rusty Lake

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Thank you both so much for playing!!

Awesome to hear!! Thank you both again for your big support!

Wow, thank you so much for having such a great experience with our new game :)

That is awesome to hear!! Please enjoy :)

Sorry to hear, what happens when you open .app?

Hi sorry for that! It should be :)

Awesome to hear, thanks for playing :)

Hi sorry to hear, is the demo not booting at all or do you see a black screen? Could you try and download the demo on Steam or iOS/Android?

We hope to bring it GOG too yes, not sure if it will be on launch day though!

Wow, sad to see that stuff. Feel free to email us next time you see it.

Hi Please contact us at

Thank so much :)

Hi sorry to hear, could you please email a screenshot at

Hi Please contact us at so we can provide a fix for you.

Sorry to hear, sometimes an Antivirus program like Bitdefender can cause an issue like this. Let us know at

Thank you so much for your support :)

It should load, directly please let us know your specs at info @

Sorry to hear, please email us, to see what we can do.

Sorry to hear, could you try to lower the graphics in settings. If this doesn't work please email us at

Sorry for this issue and inconvience. We found a solution for you to try out, by changing the gatekeeper settings:

Awesome!! Thanks for letting us know, I now have enabled the comments.

Awesome to hear it works fine on Ubuntu :)
Thanks for the support and donation, means a lot!

You can use it in our next Cube Escape game at

Unfortunately no.

Is Paypal not an option?