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Please send me an email @ . Thanks!

Il est préférable de préparer l'image avant de peindre à l'aide d'un éditeur de texte.

The email you sent earlier was replied to.  The key you provided was not a Steam activation code, rather a Rustangelo PRO registration key. If you have installed PRO and it asks you to enter the registration key, use the key provided.

Hello there! I would recommend changing the painting brush type to Heavy Round and then try painting on the XL Picture Frame. Also, use black for your background color. If you still don't like the result, post the source image so I can see what I can do with it. Thanks!

Unfortunately this only works when the server is not full. When there is a queue there is no way to defeat the AFK timer while painting.

Hello there and thanks for the support! To install the PRO DLC please open your library and click on the Games dropdown. Choose Software and locate Rustangelo in your list. Right click it and choose Properties. Here you will see several tabs, click the DLC tab. Make sure the correct DLC is checked and it should install.

Please send an email to with the Steam activation code you are trying to use. Thanks!

Hello there! That sounds like an issue with Rustangelo auto-capturing the paint control area. Try turning off the Always Remember paint controls area in Options. This should allow you to manually capture the coordinates. Let me know if that doesn't fix it. Thanks!

Glad to hear you got it resolved via email.

Great! Glad to you found the DPI setting. And unfortunately the inability to multitask while painting is a limitation of the system mouse click automation. There is no way around it as Rustangelo has to assume control to paint a sign.

You are welcome. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Unfortunately I don't plan on adding this just yet. Clicking the hidden colors requires some precision that is hard to implement because most users don't capture the palette precisely as directed. This would result in a bad painting if the wrong colors were clicked.

Please email me the key you were provided to Thanks.

New version being released today. Here is the changelog:

Version 2.0.3000

- Added the map painting functionality which allows for the user to paint on maps (thanks to Eric)
- Added the map painting options to the Experimental tab in the Options UI
- Added the PaintingBrushType option to change the default brush type used for painting
- Fixed the issue with the app and process priority options not saving when selecting the first entry
- Fixed the issue with the info label being included into the painted image when changing bg color
- Fixed the Options UI from unexpectedly closing after a popup message was shown
- Fixed the Reduce to 20 colors issue when there is a reordered palette
- Changed the thanks message to now display hovered-control tips to the user

Yes there is! Send me an email to and I will provide you a link to claim your steam cdkey. Thanks!

There was an update released today that addresses this issue. It should now be resolved.

New version being released today. Here is the changelog:

Version 1.9.2800

- Fixed the issue with the suggested paint controls area being too small to resize
- Fixed the issue with the remembered coordinates not working if they were less than zero
- Fixed the issue with the wrong color being highlighted on the Paint Info prompt after reorder
- Changed the paint controls suggestion so it can be ignored by the user in the prompt
- Added the Rotate Image and Change Size Mode functionality to the preview UI context menu
- Added the AutoPaletteReorder option to automatically order the palette based on pixel count
- Added the PaintAppPath option to allow for the user the change the default paint exe path
- Removed the update check on launch when using the Steam version

It appears the non-PRO version was not fully removed from your system and that is why the installer is preventing it from continuing. My suggestion is to install the Steam version or to manually remove the entries from your registry to install the non-Steam PRO version. To get the Steam version, use this page:

To clean the registry and install the non-Steam PRO version, open regedit and expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE node. Navigate to: Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Uninstall. Do a search for Rustangelo and delete the node that contains it. You may also have to delete any entries located in: Software/Wow6432Node/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Uninstall.

Hey sorry for the delay. This is a known bug in the current version where it suggests an empty rectangle to capture the palette. Please either use the previous version (1.7) or wait until the fix next week. Let me know if you need access to the previous version. Thanks!

New version being released today. Here is the changelog:

Version 1.8.2700

- Tweaked the painting estimation calculation to account for the improved line drawing method
- Fixed the issue with the Default button messing with the Sequence delay setting
- Removed the experimental text from the Improved Line Drawing method option
- Changed the Improved Line Drawing method option to be enabled by default
- Added the DefaultSizeMode option to allow the user to change the default image display size mode
- Added the Skip hotkey to allow for skipping of the current color being painted
- Implemented the ability to rotate the image 90 degrees while capturing coordinates by pressing R
- Implemented the ability to change the size mode while capturing coordinates by pressing S
- Implemented the paint controls area coordinates suggestion when capturing
- Improved the Color Shifter function to allow for multiple source colors

New version being released today. Here is the changelog:

Version 1.7.2580

- Fixed the preview UI from showing the 100 color preview when not using the option
- Implemented the inverted crop functionality by holding shift when cropping
- Added the Black/White Colors functionality to the Adjust Colors menu
- Added the Recent Images submenu to the Load menu to quickly load previous images
- Added the ability to preview the Cartoon and Oil Painting effects before applying
- Added the AutoScalingOffset option to compensate for when there is a display DPI difference
- Added the DrawLinesImprovedMethod option for 10-20% faster line drawing (currently experimental)

Hey Cleankillin, I have been doing research into varying DPI settings in Windows and I wonder if that was your issue. Can you confirm what your DPI is set at? Also, has the offset implementation worked for you? Thanks!

The best thing to do when choosing the correct background color is to use the Painting Preview. On the main UI, load your image and then choose the white background color. Now click the Paint button and choose Painting Preview. If the colors look washed out then try changing it to a black background color and view the Painting Preview again. Every image is different so it's hard to say what background color to use. The tutorial recommends white because that is the color that works best with most images.

Hello there! You are right clicking on the image before you have captured the canvas. Start the painting process by clicking the paint button. Once you have chosen your coordinates then you will see the image before you press F10 to start the painting. Now you should be able to right click and access the context menu which has the Palette Manager. Also, you may have disabled the in-app tip which illustrates this. Go to Options and click the Reset All Tips button.

New version being released today. Here is the changelog:

Version 1.6.2340

- Fixed the bg color not being selected on the main UI context menu when updating
- Removed the scan palette functionality as it was confusing and had some issues
- Implemented the shell context menu popup for the image filename label on main UI
- Added the Always Remember Controls option to turn on/off the remember functionality
- Added the Painting offset X/Y options to manually offset the painting coordinates
- Added the popup toolbar to the main UI for quick access to Image Tools and more
- Added the Help button to the Tutorial popup to quickly access the Rustangelo website
- Added the Help button to the About popup to quickly access the Rustangelo website
- Added the Help button and link to the Options UI to quickly access the Rustangelo FAQ

Hello everyone! I have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions related to Rustangelo here:

If you feel like you have a question that should be added to the list please post it below!

Great, now lets check the Palette Manager. Before painting, right click on the image and choose Manage Palette | Palette Manager from the context menu. You should see 100 colors in the list box. Let me know if this is the case. Also, have you tried any other images? Not sure if this issue is some-how isolated to this particular image. Thanks.

Based on the screenshots it appears you are only painting using 20 colors. Please make sure you have uninstalled the non-PRO version and installed the PRO setup package. Also, go to Options | Painting and make sure the 'Improve paintings by utilizing different brush opacities' option is checked. Let me know! Thanks.

Hello, sorry for the delay. The next version of Rustangelo will have a painting offset for the X and Y coordinates which should fix this issue. Thanks!

It is possible that the painting controls area was incorrectly captured. This would mess up the colors while painting. Can you post a screenshot of the source and painted images? Thanks!

Hello, the PRO version has a feature which auto updates the sign during painting. It uses the save command which resets the AFK timer. It you are using the non-PRO, simply pause your painting half-way (before 30 minutes) and manually press the Save button.

Interesting issue... what is the layout of your monitor(s)?

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Everything looks good in the last picture. The cross-hatch lines you are seeing is a side-effect of the XL sign and its DPI. Currently there is not a fix. Also, before painting, try to align your sign with the horizontal and vertical axis of your screen. This should improve the overall result of the painting. See the tutorial or demo video for more details:

New version being released today. Here is the changelog:

Version 1.5.2200

- Fixed the Cartoon Effect and Shear functions when using transparent images
- Fixed the Get Pro label from not hiding when an image was loaded
- Added the Oil Painting Effect feature to the Image Tools menu
- Added the Free Rotate function to the Image Tools menu
- Added the Color Substitution function to the Adjust Colors menu
- Added the Reload Image function to the main UI context menu
- Improved the Add Borders and Text Overlay features with the color popup menu
- Improved the Cartoon Effect and Shear functions with progress feedback
- Improved the Help function on the paint UI

New version being released today. Here is the changelog:

Version 1.4.2100

- Fixed the inaccurate time remaining display while painting
- Fixed the app settings not saving when the config.xml file was empty
- Moved the Image Color functions to the Adjust Colors menu
- Added the Shear Transform feature to the Image Tools menu
- Added the Cartoon Effect feature to the Image Tools menu
- Added the image information display label to the main UI
- Added the Help menu item to the paint UI system context menu
- Added the Help button to the preview UI to trigger the in-app tip
- Added additional helpful information to the preview in-app tip

Cool thanks for the followup!

No problem. And you don't have to avoid the smaller signs, just don't paint a detailed picture on them. I personally like to use 2 huge wooden signs stacked and split my image on both.

Smaller paintings don't have as much detail and as a result the pixels are much larger (lower DPI). The picture frames have a higher DPI and the XL, XXL have the highest.

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Nope, most likely you incorrectly captured the paint controls area. To reset this, go to Options, and click Forget Coordinates. Now you will be able to capture the paint controls area coordinates again. Refer to the in-app tutorial or the demo video on youtube for a visual aid. Let me know if you are still having trouble!

New version being released today. Here is the changelog:

Version 1.3.2000

- Implemented a self-check to determine if Rustangelo has admin rights
- Implemented an app manifest to prompt the user to elevate if necessary
- Added system messagebox sounds to the Rustangelo custom messagebox
- Added icons for the Adjust Levels menu items under Image Tools
- Added a status bar help message to the crop and color picker UIs
- Added the Background Color option to the main UI context menu
- Added the /load command line switch to quickly load an image file/url
- Added the DisplayTimeRemaining option to show the time remaining while painting
- Added the CreateBlankTransparent option to affect the created blank image
- Implemented a minimize check on the painting UI to not refresh if minimized
- Added the isFirstRun switch to disable Remember Coordinates for first time users
- Added the palette color display to the Palette Manager UI
- Added the Color Shifter feature to the Manage Palette menu
- Added the Painting Options info label to the painting UI