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Thank you! It's a good description for the game)) 


Thank you for your feedback! 

Thanks! I'm glad you liked my game) 


Great idea and implementation, I liked this game!

Very fun game and cool idea!

I like the idea but the game is extremely hard)

Cool reimagining of classic game!

Really fun puzzle game, I liked it)

Thanks! I'm not good at art and graphics, so I decided to make it minimalistic) 

Thanks for feedback!) 

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Thanks for your feedback! My previous games were hard for many player so this time I tried to make it easier) 


And your interpretation of the theme is very unusual, cool :D

Simple but satisfying gameplay, and I like that the game highlight items which you need to take, it really helps))

You're right, the game is more difficult, than I wanted. I'll fix this after jam ends. Thanks for your feedback! :)


Cool and funny game and cute monkeys ^_^

Thanks for feedback! I'll update the game after jam and some issues will be fixed ;)

Thanks! Maybe the game is too difficult. Unfortunately I had no time for testing and balancing. You have a great result!)

Simple but really interesting idea :) Only one minor problem - there's no statistics screen at the end of the level.

Maybe it will be some day :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately the last level was not properly tested and yeah - it's unbeatable. Now it's fixed in version 1.2.

Very complex game for game jam, great!

Beautiful game. A little to difficult, but I enjoyed it :)

When the second half of the game started I was not ready to see this. It's a really cool feature when the game surprisingly changes a genre, I really liked it. Besides, very beautiful visuals :)

Cool visual and awesome background music. But controls are too sensitive

Cool puzzle game and very cute art! But yeah, it's problem that I can't understand what direction selected in the current moment. You defenitely need to replace gree squares to arrows

I like the idea, great art and cool music. But controls are too sensitive. And one place is impossible for me. It's the moment right after you must fly at the second time through purple things as shuriken. I guess it's not far from the end?

I'm not a big fan of scroll-shooters, but I like this game! One thing that it needs is gamepad :)

Simple idea but interesting to play. And I like this camera shake effect when health level is low.

Game doesn't spawn enough soap to survive more than 30-40 seconds :(

Moreover I see a debug console. It means the project was exported in debug mode. You need to uncheck the "Export With Debug" checkbox in export window.

Very cool vision of the genre) But I agree with other comments^ action is too intense from the beginning, player have no time to get used to controls...

Interesting concept but I think it will be good to have a small description what player must do, because it's not so obvious. And maybe it was only my personal problem but sometimes bubbles have an almost same size and it's difficult to understand which one is bigger.

But I like the idea, I remembered the first stage of the game Spore :)


Спасибо, поправлю

Very interesting idea! I like it. But controls are inconvenient. Somethimes I want to go left and by mistake press Q instead of A and die. But in the end I noticed that Arrow keys work too and it's way easier. And jump is on Space, not on W :)

Anyway I like this game, one of the best on this jam)

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, W could help you on that level :D 

But you're right, maybe I need to change controls to something more convenient, e.g. AWD or Arrows + Space

In second version I'll fix that and grammar mistakes and make game difficulty to increase more smoothly.