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Oh thanks and sorry!  :)

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We have released a new patch with many new features and quests. Here are some of the patch notes!

New features:

  • New Sandbox mode, explore the test room freely with no Sleep Slider!
  • 2 new unique quests
  • First person character animations
  • New UI icons
  • Lots of new objects
  • New sound effects and music
  • New 3D menu
  • In-game settings
  • More settings
  • New Contact Us banner

Bug fixes:

  • Account security is improved
  • Lighting is updated (less dark)
  • Account names accept only alphanumericals
  • Optimized framerates
  • Dragging speed increased
  • Toy Blocks have greater mass
  • Clearer hints
  • Updated journal tips
  • Guide updated

Download Here: page


Sandman Academy Pre-Alpha version is now released and we would gladly appreciate any feedback considering our game whether it is about bugs or the gameplay itself. In it's current state, the game lacks many upcoming features but it is a playable product. 

Sandman Academy is a physics-based puzzle game and it contains many features from dragging the objects to throwing them. Main objective in the game is to clear the quests in the room without the Sleep Slider reaching zero.

We truly hope you enjoy playing the game.

Here is some actual gameplay:




We are a group of students working on this video game called Sandman Academy. The goal in the game is to complete various physics-based puzzles in 90's themed rooms and reduce the distracting objects that annoy the sleeper. Player is a student in the Sandman Academy who is trying to graduate but his final test is coming and it won't be easy. 

Game has multiple difficulty levels and online leaderboard so you can compete against your friends. Any feedback on the project would be highly appreciated. 



Download Sandman Academy Here

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This discussion board is dedicated to any comments about the game. Feel free to leave feedback about things you liked and things you didn't like that much.