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Thanks! You are most welcome to use them. It would be nice if you make a small mention to the author of this game anthology. And please let us know when you publish your own games!

That's the spirit! We intend for everyone to continue improving their projects. Also, anyone who wants to make material for The Gold Hack is more than welcome!

If you need more days to work on your submission, let us know and we'll delay the due date by 1 or 2 weeks.

Nice! Thank you SO much for arriving! You still have time, and if you want, you can email the author at to ask for the .indd files for layout. In any case, there is no restriction to the looks of submissions, so please, do submit anything you want! One guy even posted a videogame!

That's great! We still don't get what parts of The Gold Hack inspired you, but we appreciate your passion, :).

Also, this is your third entry in this Jam? We can only see one of yours; maybe you're thinking of a fourth entry for another Jam and got confused?

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Hi, Waanor! Sorry for the delay, we were full of work and everyday life issues. I hope it's not too late to answer!

If you email the author, Martín, at, he can provide you with the .indd files he used for layout. Sadly, the fonts used are not free to use, unlike the images, so he cannot upload them to be available for the Jam. If you can find them elsewhere, they are called the Candara family of fonts for all the text except rank 1 Titles, which used the font Old English Text MT.

About the spacing:

  • Rank 1 Titles have 6mm of space after the paragraph. The font size is 30.
  • Rank 2 (size 16) & 3 (size 13, Candara Italic) Titles have 2 mm of space after the paragraph.
  • Basic text (size 10) have 4 mm of space after the paragraph.
    • The paragraph before a list has 0mm; likewise, each item in the list has 0mm, except for the last, which has 4mm again.
  • Examples are in Candara Light Italic, with 5mm of left ident.
  • The lists of Lifepaths and Skills have special formatting to better highlight them when they are printed. It's... very much a pain in the lower back to explain it this way, so let us know if you want the .indd file or email Martín to know more, :).

Another alternative is to give Martín your text and some instructions as to how it would fit in the layout, and he will be happy to do it for you!

Hi, campotech! This looks great! May we ask what parts of The Gold Hack inspired you to make it? We caouldn't find the time to play thoroughly your game, so please excuse us if it should be obvious!

Hi!! We accidentaly set it hidden! It's available now!! Sorry! 

You can get it now!! Sorry for he delay!!

Thanks for commenting, and we're glad you like the game's tone.

We have tested games with 1-5 players, but we think it could even handle larger groups. If you try it, please let us know!

Thanks to you for commenting and sharing your thoughts! On the term "meat grinder": I guess I couldn't help but have the harsh nature of Apocalypse Word splatter a few drops of blood on this guide.
Perhaps a more generic term such as "escalation" could be thought of.

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Hey, we are super excited to have uploaded our first two projects on! Both games are designed by Juan Manuel Avila, and we would like to share the news with all of you. 

The first entry is an old submission to a design challenge, which Juan expanded through eight different scenarios. Together, they form a nanoantology of games that share the feeling of road movies.

The second entry is a game based on Jared Sorensen's InSpectres. But here, the tone is not comedy, but arctic drama. A stranded crew has to survive until next summer, fighting cold and despair.

We invite you to visit the store, grab some community copies and tell us what you think of the mechanics. Maybe you can even tip a few bucks. ;)

See you!