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it does, pay attention to the UI in the ship after you've made a certain amount of deliveries.

I always have FAITH in QUEENFAITH! Thank you for playing!

haha! Blame chat gpt for the wacky driving physics, I'm pleasantly surprised by the car code we ended up with after bickering about rollbars for 6 hours

sure! I haven't really revisited this project in a while. wanna shoot me a dm on discord? @rubent or you find me on twitter

I can't wait! It looks great and plays great already!

Wow this a really classic RTS, I love it. Would be nice to have a small tutorial or description on how to play. But I figured it out pretty quick and it felt good! 

Unfortunately other projects came up, and we got completely sidetracked to do other things. There's no expansion patches planned at the moment,

thats probably true? I opened a ticket with them and now its showing again.

Maybe cus we're naughty lol

That counts. It's real time with pauses, direct control, and building aspects.

this can be a public game, I do not own anything. everything you make is owned by you

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Usually I do this in discord, but since this was kind of a last minute jam idea, how about we share our progress here?

Here's what I got so far, need to make the ceiling for these pumps.

my exact thoughts!!! haha

yup, all gas stations kind of give me anxiety anyways lol

there's actually some bugs regarding enemy bullets not despawning properly. the game is a little more evenly paced with that fixed. aside from that,  yes, the bullets actually are raycast based, and thus hits them directly before the bullet gets there. a patch will address that in the future to make it feel a little more fair. Our intent was to actually make the game challenging, farming is optional but there are also several exploits that can get you through faster. I'm not sure if its because its in the context of a game jam, but a lot have complained about the steep climb in difficulty. maybe I should've put on the label calling it "souls like" :)

I liked this game. Good job!!!

yea, we had 2 levels planned, but that didn't work out. Hoping to release a part 2 in a couple weeks just to complete the story

oh yea, just hit escape lol

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I think the onboarding could be improved quite a bit. One of the things I had a bit of problem figuring out was how to hit enemies that are either above or below you. I think we could experiment a little more with shooting enemies with elevation in the future and probably refine that mechanic. One of the things we tried to improve on after submission was rotation snapping when you rotated the mouse. Again... This does detract a bit further from the dungeon crawler experience. I really appreciate your super valuable feed back though.

Haha! I recommend killing lots of tofus!

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Hint: if you are finding you are running out of bullets, go level up and kill some tofus, they drop like 10-20 bullets 50% of the time 

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the strategy that best works for me is to poke my head out and shoot at the sniper until he dies and drops 100 gems or so. So this about 8-10 times and you'll have enough for the cryo gun. Sorry the game takes a bit of farming early on, but I believe that it gets a lot more fun from there. Definitely check it out again if you have the chance, I'm pretty sure someone will post a video... If not I'll upload one myself this weekend 😊

indeed, balancing I think would pace things out a lot more

I'm so glad I helped waste 2 hours of your life!!!! That's about as good as it gets I guess 😎There is an end, but we didn't get to do much with it. When you kill all 3 mechs the tunnel at the bottom of the cave opens up and a third passage appears. I love it that you found this totally on purpose Easter egg! 🤣

I will for sure do more builds for various OS when uploads reopen.

something something....git gud! Lol

I very much agree with you on that and missed out on the balance first time around, maybe check back in a week if you are interested in playing additional content

First of all, I really appreciate the effort you've put into those videos. Unfortunately, I don't have any plans on updating the movement in the near future. The main reason is that I wanted to recreate Doom RPG in Unity, and I had reached that scope by the time the jam ended, with a few minor updates afterwards. I am aware that movement could be faster, better interpolation could be used, but to me the incremental step feel was there, and it was enough to feel like an extension of the original game. I apologize if it feels clunky, I'll consider some alternative movement schemes for to add to the settings menu at some point in the future. Perhaps for the next dungeon crawler jam. Thanks for playing! :)

The movement was updated about a week after the jam. Are you referring that the game is still turn based? When out of combat, steps should happen rather quickly after one another, when in combat it will slow down to give the player some visual indication of where the enemies have moved. Turning doesn't take up a "game turn".

Thanks for pointing that out! Done!

It's a small change, so close to updating it too, testing was a little rushed on the last day. Always appreciate your feedback though! I did find that the game was much more enjoyable when you can move more freely outside of combat.

sorry about those controls! I actually originally had it set to arrow keys then turned it off since I was worried that'd be too confusing. will turn it back on if it helps some players

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Yea, that was something I realized just a couple hours after the jam ended lol. an update is queued for when the jam voting ends. Glad you enjoyed it!

Yes. But it will be in the form of a new game.

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Uploaded  new build. I'm not all that familiar with building on macs, but I was able to get a hold of one with big sur and tried it. So at least I was able to confirm that it works on at least one. If you aren't aware of security settings when opening the app, try looking at the post with a mini-tutorial:

I usually have to do that when I download a game from itch for a mac (probably don't need to command line it, can just extract zip, and double click). Good luck!

I might have to make a build for that version of Mac, will update you in a day or so.

[SPOILERS] but there are a couple shiny items nearby, one of them is in the woods next to it

that's unfortunate, I'm assuming you're on windows. Have you tried  clicking on settings (it's greyed out but clickable) and the navigating with arrow keys?

Thanks for the reply! I'll look into it and see what I can do to make it more clear or less frustrating to navigate.

Sorry about the sensitivity, I'll see if I can add a setting that'll help with that. And can you specify more about the death, was it towards the beginning, or somewhere at the end of level 1? I could try  and fix that for the next build to ensure a better experience for new players. Anyways, thanks a lot for playing, and I really appreciate the feedback!