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I messed up earlier and the added copies didn't show up, but they're there now!

Done and done! Enjoy your Kick Rocks!

VICHEATYA pleaseeee

Thank you so much!!
Winter and snow! Time for all those rocks to go into hibernation, haha! I absolutely hope you are able to play on a nice walk in the spring!

Thank you again for your kind words~

I'm so grateful that you picked up my game and that you shared a little bit of your adventure!! I can't express how wonderful it is to hear that you had a good time playing! Thank you so much Sebastian!! I *really* love the crosswalk mechanic and that is an excellent title for your adventurer!

I hope you can have many more adventures on your walks!

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I would be stoked if someone wanted to adapt my ttrpg game, Kick Rocks!

It's a prompt-based game, about an adventurer and a journey they are taking, that is mechanized by kicking rocks during a walk. Prompts are based on where the rock lands.

VB!! is a wonderful homage to Haikyu!! and other sports anime. It takes the tropes of the genre and pairs it perfectly with No Dice No Masters.

Kevin does a clean job of highlighting all the important aspects of sports anime archetypes while still leaving space for player creativity. The game guides you if you want to play out your favorite anime, but easily gives space if you want to create something entirely new.

Something I really enjoyed about Kevin's authorial voice throughout is that it's equal parts encouraging cheerleader (getting players to find their own unique voice in the game) and amicable guide (with clear, focused instructions on how to play).

I absolutely love that he mentions using cinematic descriptions for scenes in the intro and then baked into moves are examples of cinematic framing. There's a strong reinforcement of ideas introduced at the beginning, that follows throughout the game. Really smart game design.

You get to see the genuine joy and care that Kevin has for the genre. Honestly one of the best things about picking up indie games, in general. With VB!! you get a piece of Kevin's perspective and that's just really lovely. Go pick up Volley Boys!

Kick your rock into the window of a nearby car

(Disclaimer: Charu Patel is not responsible for any consequences you incur from kicking rocks at a car. Attempt this win condition at your own risk. This win condition only applies to OP)

Everything about this game is so fun!! Love being able to create and play as kaijus. The game has really good flexibility, could be a quick game to play in between activities, but has enough that you could get a really good narrative going and spend some serious time world-building. 

Also, the design of the card is so eye-catching!

This game will stay with me long after I'm done playing. Very introspective

Dang, it got the "If You Read This Comment, You Have to Check Out Amr's Other Game:" Award! That award is so difficult to get! 

Can't believe it won the highly-sought after "Best Bi color-themed background" award!