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A fine looking game. The art style certainly grabbed my attention. The mix of 3D and 2D made for a unique experience. The text that keeps the player on track with how to navigate through the different parts of the game were helpful. Good to see that you included audio in your entry too as I know this can be overlooked when creating a game in a given amount of time. I had a good time playing this game. Well done.

I enjoyed playing this game. The RTS worked well and the text that guides the player through the game was helpful too. The art was impressive and I liked the unit wobble you have throughout the game. A nice aesthetic I felt. Nice work.

The presentation for the game was well done. I was pleasantly surprised as I was looking at the credits to begin with when I was starting the game. The background changed colour and then proceeded to do so every so often. A nice touch I felt that ties in with the polish for the game.
The audio, music, sfx were both great to see included in the game and well thought out to in my opinion. The Menu sfx, lovely polish.
As much as I wanted to get through all the levels for the game. I was only able to spare a certain amount of time for my playthrough for this game. Unfortunately could not get that far in the game. I was trying hard but the level would just get the better of me. A challenging game, with some more time I may be able to reach the end of this game build. Nice work CritHit. 

I liked the gameplay mechanic for this game. The graphics were colourful and well made, i liked audio for the game too and nice to see all of this had been included for the game. The UI I liked too. The enemies included in the game showed a nice variety. For example, the smaller enemy type would evolve into a similar enemy but with a second layer. The level design was fun to move around and the enemies posing as threats worked well I felt. With them shooting at the player. I could not play more than 2 levels as when I reached the end of level 2 it looped back to the start again of the same level. All in all, a delightful experience I had playing this game. Very nice work Glitterbeard.

Loved the 8-bit style. From the start the story gripped me. I liked the models included in the game. I played through the whole game, as I was keen to see how the main character would turn out.
The variety of objects that could be interacted with I found satisfying. I had wanted to go back to them each day to see how my progression would pan out with each object that was interactable. The ending to the game left me pleased reading how the story panned out for the main character. I have a feeling that depending on what occurs in the game, the outro text changes depending on how the player behaved leading up to the end of the game. I was not able to hear any audio for the game during my playthrough. Overall, I had an enjoyable time playing this game. Well done on your entry DuckTalkGames.

I felt the audio was in touch with the theme of the game, I liked the water noises present in the game, gave off a serene atmosphere. I had trouble recognising whether my player was moving or not from when I clicked the left mouse button. Grats on your entry Team Trident.

The menu screen looked good, missing sfx but looked pleasing to the eye.
I liked the models in the actual game. But, I was not able to work out how to progress through the game. I eventually grasped the premise however I feel some prompts in-game would have helped the player from feeling lost early on, which was the case for me. 
The music was engaging for the level. The assets looked well made and the overall concept for the game sounded exciting. So bringing it to life I imagine was not going to be easy. The controls with changing cards and making use of them seemed to perform fine. 
I would like to see this game in the future if worked on further but as for Tranzfuser, well done with what you managed to achieve.

A fun game. A great platformer from Tranzfuser, felt polished and had a good number of levels to play through also. I completed the game and seeing an end boss, made the game feel even more complete.

The menu screens were well done. Liked the graphics and audio. The glowing mushrooms were a nice touch (in the sewer level). The controls for this game I found impressive, I liked the variety of things in the game, the ice floors for one, in the sewer level.  The controls for this just felt right too, moving around on this did not throw me anything out of the ordinary. I was moving around on it just how I thought I should move. Which is always nice from a players perspective.

The sweet level where the custard rises, lol. Took me a good few turns but I enjoyed every bit of it. It was challenging but this is what we want in games right? Not to be always plain sailing. I had wondered if the end would be at the end of the custard route. Low and behold... yes, once I got to the top of a particularly challenging bit I saw the end of the level. So I found the level design here to be well thought out.

I did have fun playing this game, great work Banana Folk.

Playing this gave me the sweats!? Lol. I was ever mindful of where the guard was on his patrol. At first, I was waiting for the game to start then realised I had to move the mouse in order to jump into the game, a small observation. The scenery was colourful, the artwork was pleasing to see (this came from all the team I believe right). Great to see. The sfx were fitting although I noticed there was not any music during my playthrough. I can guess this to be trickier to capture for a stealth game. I completed the game and had a fun experience playing it. Well done with creating the game.

Hello JawByte. Yeah, I felt it would be a challenge making a multi-genre game but in the end, we managed to get to what we were aiming for. We appreciate the feedback and can look to address any issues post-event. Once it is alright for us to do so. The teams' artists will be pleased to hear their work being admired. Thanks for playing our game.

Hi CritHit, thanks very much for trying our game out. Much appreciated your kind words and compliments with aspects of our game. Thanks for playing.

Hi Daniel, thanks very much for playing our game and for the thorough feedback. This will be valuable for us who made the game to look at regarding changes/improvements here and there. I am happy to hear that you liked the gaming experience as a whole. Thank you for playing.

The sfx from clicking on part of the background was a nice touch, giving character to the game.
The UI was identifiable in the main game scene, along with the tips for what each item does helped me understand how to use each item.
Upon the game commencing, I just fell into the groove of the game. I liked the upgrades that were possible for the towers. The types of enemies were fun and the wave information on the right of the screen was nice to see as well, from a players perspective and developers one to (it's clear a lot went into the making of this game).
I enjoyed the music for the game, felt at home with the gameplay. The art was pleasing to me and overall. Had a nice time trying your game out. Well done :). Oh, the theme for your game too, shaman etc. Love it!

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I was not able to play the game as intended. I feel the web build has caused some issues along the way. I was able to roll into the next room after a couple of minutes trying but had difficulty coming out of the ball and playing the game once more.  I liked the models and audio that was included in the game. The story for the game sounded fun too.  I will certainly like to play this more if a more stable build can be released in the future.
[edit-just catching the video on the project page. Wow, looks amazing. Great work! Would absolutely like to play this when able to upload again or work out the kink that's unfortunately present]

Great art, atmosphere, enemy types. Each enemy having different characteristics also gave them depth. The music fitted well. I couldn’t help but spot areas of polish through my playthrough so well done with this too. Nice work!

Thank you for trying out our game submission. I look forward to trying your game too in the coming days.

We experienced an unusual source control issue 1 hour before the deadline and the code I worked on that day, being the sfx for the game. Had to be redone so I was only able to get the music back into the game, the sfx unfortunately was not able to be featured in the submission. 

We are looking to finish up the game over the next few weeks however so it can be a portfolio piece we can each be proud of. With the additional art and sfx work that we wanted in the game originally. I did enjoy this game jam. Always an educational experience for me I find.

All the best with your game and look forward to seeing how all the games fair at the end of the ratings period. I shall let you know what I think of your teams game to in a comment. When I can get round to giving it a try :) .

Nice effort. Found the movement a bit fast though.

Sorry I played the game just the once. So to my knowledge just playing the game produced it for me 'but' if this doesnt occur when u play it. It an anomaly.

If I remember correctly. I went left and was presented with the white boss. So i tried to change to black and shoot it so i can damage it. The thing is, i would switch to white after a second. So i had to keep tapping switch so i turn black to do dmg. Against the black boss i could switch to white and just keep attacking. Against the white boss i was not able to keep my black state. Again, if i remember right. I'm quite sure this was near enough what happened though. I would have wanted to be in the opposite colour state so I can dmg but the game would just switch me back to the other colour after  a second or so. 

Amazed. Another outstanding entry for the jam. The art style is mesmerising and the audio fits to. Fun gameplay. Grats on making this during the jam.

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Now. I wasn't expecting that! Superb entry. Wish u all the best with this. I was thinking this is a run of the mill platformer, then, wtf?!?! When I encountered the shadows as platforms mechanic. Played through the rest of the game. From a coding/dev stand point this game has me thinking "so how was this created". This is a great showcase for your dev abilities. The gameplay works brilliantly too. This game has music too xD. Grats on this entry, grats.

Game has potential. Great for a game jam. :( when it ended the game ;)

Now that's a game jam entry! Great game. Great u included a whole lot of features in the game like with the menu system, like the art and music u had in the game also. Enjoyable game.
What did you make this in out of interest? 

Well done on making this game. Cool mechanics using the spacebar depending on this state your in light or shadow.

I like the idea for this game. Great u included audio for the game to. Makes the game appealing.

Awesome audio, takes me back to my early days gaming. Grats on making during the jam. Against the white boss i think there is an issue with keeping the player in the opposite state.

Looks good. Alot done I can tell. Had trouble working out the gameplay though. Liking the artwork and feel of the game still.

A nice puzzler platformer game. How u can use the mouse to move cables and hit switches in order to complete the levels. I had a little bit of trouble jumping at times though. Nice work though! 

Amazing environment. Even though you mentioned on your page things were not included. It felt rather atmospheric with the picture grain and level design, environmental props. Grats on submitting something for the jam.

Clap clap clap. Now this was unexpected. Had to finish the game! Lots involved in here, art, audio, gameplay and it goes on. All of which I felt were excellent. Great job to all involved that made this. Highly enjoyable game. Haha, I quite enjoyed playing this. :D

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Trippiest game i've played, to date. This jam. Lots included in the game still. Nice music, enemy combat too. Change of scenery to from initial level to a 2nd level. Atmospheric. Good work!

Protected my cheese xD

1735 was my highscore by the end. I quite like this game. Good backdrop, the music was good to. i was surprised when I was able to go into the background, I did wander if there was a purpose for it. Turned out it was included when I used a special or something. I really like the game as a whole. Impressive this was made in a 2 days jam. Well done.

Nice game. The falling down to the next level is a cool transition i agree as well like someone else mentioned in comments.

Completed - Enjoyed the game. Like the art style and fitting music. Once i figured out the lose condition I was able to flawless my next run ;). Nice variety of enemies to with there own characteristics; cloud, bucket etc. The level looked good to. Well done!

Nice visuals. Music and sfx included also in the game, good work. I had trouble jumping over the creature along the floor, had to time it perfectly to be able to do it. 

POLISHEDDD. I was gripped. Played through to the end. addictive! Captivating art style. Liking the particle effects and other effects in game. The portal look etc. Game design was well done to. Found challenge curve fitting. Nice ending to. The last level also with the coloured platforms, nice touch. The controls and combo's to completing levels worked nicely to. I had a fun time playing. Nice one for this submission, was a joy to play.

Well made game. Made in a 48hr jam too, must not of been easy. Alot of features in the game seem to work fine to. Audio, art work is in there. Well done with making this!

I like the premise. Good puzzler. Couldn't complete the level though. A clearer indication to what has energy in it would be one feedback from me. But understandably jams are hard to have a fleshed out game. This game has alot involved in it though I believe. Grats on accomplishing this within the jam.

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Well, i had an initial view of this game however as I got into the game, my opinion took a 360 turn.  I found this game has some charm to it. The textures are nice and the faded platforms and ghost work well. I like this platformer. Couldn't get through the level but I found this game enjoyable. Nice music you have for it also, calm sounds. Well done with making this game.