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Roxanna Stefaniuc Fabiola

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Thank you  🤗🤗🤗

Made me laugh and smile 😁👍 💯 its a fun video to watch! Thank you for playing my game and appreciate my small work. You're awesome 😎 

Multumesc foarte mult! 🥰

Thank you. 😁👍

Woooow. Okay! 😁👍I will play it this Sunday 😍 and make lots of pictures! I hope you dont mind to put your game for Newsletter february 2023? 😊

I will try this one.. Is this the full version? 

So i can add on my website 😁👍

Thank you for buying my new game too. And happy to hear you are still a fan for all my games. ;)

Multumesc ca știe place mult 😁👍 

Hey! you made an commect here. I didnt know this. :D  Thank you.
Need to updates everybody games here too ;)
Thank you for your kind words Cosmin and thank you for testing out New Home for me and recording it :D It was fun to watch!

Thank you 🥰💙

I love Egypt vibe games, but when i saw those spiders. I get goosebumps. Skyrim spiders are not horrible but these ones felt they have to stay in Egypt XD  but the game looked very nice. As a first game, this is amazing to make. I see James know from the beginning how to make environments feel realistic. For a start, its really amazing.  Well done James. 

I loved the visuals... very Christmas vibe. Nice story to start and collecting things when its snowing. it felt MAGICAL! and the sky (clouds) were moving with those special colors. A Christmas magic it felt. really special game. Recommend to play this when Christmas is coming !! I played hard mode first :D it was easy peasy hihi ^^ and played easy again because there was another small game to play at the end,. And awesome to see James's games on the wall at the end. I love them all :D big fan here!  

Keep making games! You have a gift!! It has a Subnautica old style vibe. Scifi and underwater. nice sounds. I felt i was underwater. really realistic visuals (even its polygon! wow!) and the sounds were perfect. Magnifique!  Make a longer one please :D haha! You are a true storyteller ^^ 

I love this game :D  Supermarket games are so addictive ^^  Nice UI and mechanics. But the clients are so impatient. bastards! XD 

not my cup of thee to play but good luck !! 

i like the gamedesign. very unique and weird at the same time. but love the color combination. thats good. Nice ! Good luck on winning!

Not my cup of thee. but good luck!

Not my cup of thee to play. Its not everyones game to play but nice to see your effort and joining the jam! well done! 

Nice gamedesign. It looks nice. Good luck on your game! ^^

Not my cup of thee to play. But I wish you luck !

It looks good. But its not my cup of thee to play. But good luck !! 

It looks good. But its not my cup of thee to play. But good luck !! 

It looks nice. But not my cup of thee. Good luck anyway! 

Dont know how to play it. Sorry. But good luck!

Its too bad I dont know what to do. I am sorry. I hope there will be a small keys info in the game   Good luck!

I like the story and animals in the game. nice talent in drawing in the game :D well done!

You are very welcome! :D You dont have to rush XD   take your time. the game will be there for another year ^^  Make some more games. you are good in this. I never knew you had a great talent. You being smart I knew already :D 

Very unique puzzle game with no headaches and it was fun. :D it's 1 am in Romania and I didnt fell a sleep while playin this game, Thats a good sign ^^ haha! TOP max score 16 680  ow yeah XD 

This game is:
- relaxing
- easy to learn
- nice gamedesign and sounds
- nice idea of puzzle and unique
- cool game

I had so much fun :D 
TOP max score: 16  680  YEEY :D

thank you ! :D

Thank you! 😊🙏

Thank you for playing my 2nd game. I am happy you liked it and shared your opinion. ^^
Have a nice day! God bless you.

thank you ^^

Great game :D Played it while downloading a file on the internet ^^ 49 points :D

You know #C? Wow you are a genius too! 😱

Amazing how smart you are! 👏👏👏

I made one with only playmaker.. So coding for

In the future.. Always zero 😁😅

Yeah and i will never forget what he did for me. 😁🙏 Unity is really big! 😱😱

Even other great indiedev friends who gave me an idea a couple of months ago to add GIFs and i didnt know you can in itchio. 😱

There are so many suprises 😅

I hope you are doing well and with your game, 😁 cant wait to play it! The demo is still in my head because it was really cool! 

Btw thank you for reading my post! 

Have a nice productive Friday and a relaxing great weekend 😊

Haha, naah. Just trying to make a scifi vibe menu's. But thank you for your kind words. 

Yeah, just showing the updates about the game. 🙂 But happy you liked it too. 

Yeah, flying fish does exist you know. But not like in the game 😅

I am glad you like it :D