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I would like to report a bug:

The game freezes and the screen turns cyan 1/2 of the times I click unpause, this has only happened in the sewee bay map.

I was wondering why my frames dropped after a while playing! i thought it was my computer being bad lol. Glad to see you fixed it.

Constantly clicking that "close program" button because the program does not respond gets repetitive real quick. I'd suggest maybe fixing it just a tiny little bit so i can at least get past running the .exe.

Very fun but after you finish all missions maybe you should get some powers like for example the ability to move molecules/atoms, the ability to delete atoms or molecules or the ability to apply energy to, for example break bonds between atoms. I would love to play around with more chemicals by making them myself but that is currently impossible without the ability to break bonds.

For some reason it never warns me when i overwrite a creature? Did i download an older version or is that a bug?

It's ok your health is more important. I am also curious on the new body parts not sure if it's supposed to be a secret or i can read about them somewhere else.

I would also like to suggest motion detection, maybe a setting for the eyes or a completely new body part. Maybe the signal strength depends on the distance and velocity of the other object? i am excited to create a predator-prey ecosystem where the prey is not dumb and can differentiate between a predator and the ground.

Don't know if this is the right place to suggest features.

Concept is absolutely fascinating, I was reading your devlog and I'm excited for the features you're working on, can't wait for new updates.