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Rototo Studio

A member registered Feb 20, 2014

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I don’t have a clear preference between color and b&w, depends on the rest of the game, what mood you’re going for, I guess. I just wanted to suggest using a different title for this thread because the current one "Help Me Decide !!!" does not say anything about the actual topic. Also the three exclamation marks are somewhat aggressive.

Cool, thanks!

Yes, unless you can think of something else… I suppose there could be a "jump to next unread post" button, however determining what post the user has already read isn’t very easy to do.

Hi, since the posts in a thread are not in chronological order I have to re-read the whole thread every time I want to read the new posts. Not very convenient to say the least. I would prefer the posts to be in chronological order like in most web forums.

Thanks, it does look pretty good for the size. The imgur link has 3 extraneous characters at the end.

Thanks, I may use love2d if I can find an idea for this jam. I have used it in the past and liked it, my only issue is they don’t make it easy to distribute for Linux… (As different versions of love2d are incompatible with each other, it’s almost guaranted your .love will not work on another distro.)