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Very cool!

Will there be more physical copies?

Hey David! I think there's a typo in the Detriments table on p20 of the players' guide- Major Detriment option 4 says "-1 Talent" but on p32 of Lone Eons it says "-1 Trait" and it's rather confusing. Can you clarify?

Hi there! I am down to have these set of oracles included, thank you very much! This particular one is currently unfinished. What kind of deadline are you working with?

Huzzah! Thanks!

Is there any way to get a physical copy?

I got stuck on the shrine. I was unable to land as I was overburdened but could not release the mooring line.

I see a bunch of words now, huzzah!

Hey, you might want to check your PDF. It's one page and one sentence.

Million percent yes! Let me know how it goes! I would love to see pictures of the final planets, as well as get any feedback!

Can you make a PDF version?

This is inspired! It's great.

Oh wow, I want to play this!

Oh, good. My art assets are from Canva also. :)

Same! I tried it with a regular piece of paper and it was functional enough. I definitely was pushing the limits of my Canva skill with this layout... not pixel-perfect, but perfectly serviceable!

I'd love to see this used in tandem with other cards to make a character. I like the dichotomies, and yay to leave room for art!

I'd love to see the look on players' faces when you plop this on the table and say, "You find this in their pockets."

Oh! It's a prop! I dig it.

I like the implication that this stuff happens ALL THE TIME. Here's what we know, and here's your government-issued pamphlet on possession.. with a few subtle hooks in there for goofy or horror as you need to turn the dial.

Thank you for reading!

I love the presentation, including the magstripe. Kind of wish there were more truths for variety.

My knee-jerk reaction is players could choose what weather is like when they leave port- after all, you could usually always sit tight and wait for weather conditions to be favorable.

Or make it simple and the weather is always Fair when you leave.

Caveat: I haven't played this yet.

Full disclosure: I provided a gratis copy of the game to Koala Bear Swamp.

Full disclosure: I provided a gratis copy of the game to Nerds Only Games.

Full disclosure: I provided a gratis copy of the game to Glacier Nester.

What does the weather value start at?

Yay! I can't wait to see your planet! I adore the art and I knew Evlyn's style would perfectly evoke the mood I wanted.

In my mind, "Merge 6s" means that it's one giant room. But you do you if something makes more sense fictionally!

Glad you like it, hope it serves you well.

A million percent that is the expected emergent gameplay. :)

Thanks! It works great. I had the good fortune to test this with a classroom of students and it made some great tension! They worked in pairs, one group of three. I don't know of any other game with a literal consumable mechanic. Plus, limited water on a desert island is a powerful motivator.

Please let me know if you get this to the table, I would love to hear about your experience.

I hope it's okay to submit old work!

Oooh, I love the bookmark idea. I might print some copies and leave them lying about...

It looks cool!

This is very evocative!

Love the atmosphere of this one!

Awsome, thanks! My toner bill thanks you also...

Any chance of a print-friendly version?

No idea, but I just set a reminder. :)

I think you have room to say: "Number cards represent salvage. Your space-truck can only hold five pieces of salvage, but you can discard one whenever you like. When you decide to stop or the timer runs out, sum the values of your number cards to get your score."

I think you may just need to spell out "each number card is one point" explicitly. It might be more interesting if (say) number cards were worth their value and you only had five "pockets" for gear, so you have a press-your-luck aspect.

What happens if it's not a face card? I feel like I'm missing something beyond "flip coins as fast as you can."