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Do you have a good changelog? I am in the middle of a game and would like to know which prompts are tweaked.

I just drew 10 of Clubs, which reads, in part, "The next time cards are added to the deck these border settlements may join the nation if you wish," but  this card directs us to add the final suit. This seems inconsistent.

Hm, the game appears to be stuck for me. I hear the music but the game is black. I enjoyed the first few runs!

Can you go negative?

Different strokes for different folks, I suppose! Now I am thinking to have the whole thing formatted so you could print-and-play it into a deck and just be done with the cross-reference.

I am having fun going through this! but it would be easier if the cards were sorted by suit instead of rank.

It also seems like some of the spades cards impact settlements that do not exist. In my specific case, the first card I drew after the Ace of Spades was the Ten of Spades, which was difficult to interpret without groups already living there. Perhaps some cards should have extra details for how to handle if there's no living beings, or perhaps  they just get reshuffled if there's no civilizations?

Either way, now I have to redraw my map due to the Two of Spades!

Super cool!

Thanks Margot!

Hey Shawn! What fonts are used in Starforged? Do you have templates we can use for our submissions to match the look & feel of the core book?

I saw this mentioned on the Solo Roleplaying subreddit and am very intrigued in giving this a go! Post-apoc is a fun genre.

On page 6, it says, "You’ll be right, kid." Should that read "You’ll be all right, kid." instead?

Love it!

How do you shoot?

If you update this, please consider changing the endgame option to "donate food" and "giving to a friend" instead of just throwing it away.


The banter is definitely missing. There's no... interplay.

Material Culture

Basic materials:  Stone, Wood, Bone+Horn, Skins, Hair+Wool, Clay, and Plant Fibre.

(Looks like I can level up one material or pick a new one. I feel like picking a new one.)

One additional material: Glass

(I think I have to talk about the examples for each material, so I will. This feels a tiny bit unclear as to what exactly to do here.)

  • Stone: In the mountains, the stone is easy to work with and everyone has a wide variety of tools. There are a few individuals that have a lot of stoneworking skill and there are some basic stone structures for housing and storage.
  • Wood: Most wood items are furniture rather than housing. 
  • Bone+Horn: These materials are often turned into cooking implements or jewelry-like accessories if the hunt is particularly astounding.
  • Skins: Animal skins are turned into suncloaks for day to day travel.
  • Hair+Wool: Some comfort clothing and other decor. Weaving becomes a sign of status.
  • Clay: Cookware and dishes for eating. Clay is tied to the earth, so burial rites make use with clay coverings and decorated cairns.
  • Plant Fibers: Backpacks and hats for sun protection and travelling
  • Glass: Jewelry becomes more status-giving, and elevating food onto refined glass instead of base clay becomes the norm.


The common architecture of this culture becomes igloo-like stone dwellings, sometimes with dug basements. Travel dwellings are pod-like sleeping bag cocoons made made of animal hides and hung in trees for safety. 


  • Migration of herd animals: When the food animals they largely subsist on go to migrate just before the winter, there is a celebration to send off the animals to be fruitful, so they come back with more numbers to sustain the people. It is taboo to slaughter one of these animals at this time and people fast part of the time in recognition of the reduced food.
  • The middle of the rainy season: At this point, some areas of the valley see a lot of flooding, so folk retreat to cave dwellings for a few weeks. A few people go back and forth to ensure the main houses are fine, but the sudden rising water can catch people unawares, and everyone watches out for easily-lost children who can't swim.

(I rolled for these. I wanted numbers so I didn't have to count out of laziness)


Cunning is highly valued as nature can be unpredictable and knowing how to get out of a random, desperate situation in the mountains at night is the height of coolness. Many people tell tall-tale stories of increasingly unlikely situations and it is something of a game to outwit a storyteller.


Ecology is highly valued so society knows its place in the larger ecosystem. Animals are not hunted to the last numbers, plants are cultivated, things are kept in balance between prey and predator.

Did I do this right? I just brainstormed and made stuff up. :)

I'll aim to look at this tomorrow. I was a little unclear about what was needed.

I think so, yeah! Can we do that?

E6: A culture with one kith, Striga.

Aw dang! I was going to put all the fisher-folk together around that number six. I like that we're on the same page!

But possibly fun! Good to center that we are on prehistoric time. Hard to keep in mind.

Vampires tending  orchards are a cool image.

No worries!

Even small waterways can be vital. Good idea!

(1 edit)

Any group might be either way! (I am right now thinking the merpeople Rusalka may be primarily or exclusively carnivores.) Roger that on names.

Calling dibs on Rusalka. They originate in the long inlet between 8-9-10. Their original subsistence form is herding,

They originated in coral beds in the long inlet; this reef is still known as "The Old Old Home" in their language. They herded a sort of nautilus-like creature about a meter or so in diameter with a few tentacles about as long, good for eating and companionship due to the chirruping song of the animals. Past campsites often have piles of discarded shells and nautilus leather as building material, clothing, or scrimshaw art.

(I want to play with words some more before I start naming things.)

{Feedback: Please include a numbered list of all Kith at the beginning in case someone wants to roll for it? Also, I don't like the requirement for vegetable eating, it might be interesting to have some carnivore-only Kith.}

I trust you to move it where it makes sense. And yes, trees make ships! :D

That's a hell of an image. Awesome!

That's a cool visual, a zillion little mammals/lizards/etc swarming over a giant egg to collectively open it.

Can we add some frozen things to the southwest or is it too late? Should someone have claimed that in the previous round?

G7 question! Does anything big eat the eggs, or is it a small army of little things that eat the eggs?

Question for I6! Are there any fungus-animal symbiotic relationships? Can you give us an example or two?

Question! What's the largest thing that lives in H7?

Question for D6! Do the crystal patterns move? Do the rocks drift?

The other bay area is a Wetlands Forest. Something like mangroves or cypress, super dense wooded area with waterways below.

The modifier I want to see here is Utility Plant, the mangrove-cypress-baobab trees are well suited to dwellings within their massive trunks and branches.

I am setting this up to be a major port when we introduce beings, if yall don't mind seeing my sneaky plans.

D2 is a Shrublands biome, and I'mma choose two modifiers if that's cool. Cave-riddled and Outcroppings. I am imagining something like this: 

Lots of cave species and underwater passages. Maybe something that grazes.

For some reason, the main image isn't loading for me. I think I found the blank one that matches in the other thread on PDF "blank maps 2022a" p5.

I think D2 is that largish island in the Canada-looking bit, so I'll take that.

Also E-F 7? The bay with land on five sides? Sorry, I am not sure about the coordinates.

Definitely no-go on the bug people. Thanks for mentioning!

Are we doing this live or only via forum/asynchronous? Interested!

That was fun! Be nice to see what you have in your deck, or have the opportunity to trash a card to reprogram your deck if needed. I'd also like to know what level/score/how far I got.

Really enjoying the story. Found a small typo, I think in Chapter Four: "0 joy ride ended up with her getting lost? " I am pretty sure that zero is not intentional.

I can't wait to find out what happens next!