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Seems like such a promising idea, but yeah, no idea how to get past the blocks!

Fun platforming game, I like the mechanics of the enemies that follow you, really makes you pick up the pace at times. And also... REALLY CUTE

I like this a lot. The node graph approach to linking controls to their mechanical components is quite rewarding when you get it right. However, I think it would be best if there was more ways to approach a given level and it would make more sense in terms of gameplay to perhaps give the player a reason to actually try some different and unusual combinations. Good work!

This is spooky. It's satisfying to blow these creatures' heads off, and also I can't read the name without thinking "amogus". I like it

This is awesome, definitely a 5 for fun from me. The layered 2D artstyle is also really interesting, neat!

Even though it's not fully finished, it's still quite fun (but I'm biased because I love bullethells in general)


Thank you, glad you enjoyed our game! ^^

Pretty fun to play! Also I like the neon/retro aesthetics

Fun little game, the shooting mechanics are really nice, and it's also not overly hard