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Yes! Fungus can achieve so many functions that I didn't even try all of them in this minigame :D

Hi Gloom Doom, I have uploaded a 1.0.7 version of the 1997-2003 file and fixed the exporting bug. Please feel free if you still want to give it a try. Thank you for playing the game, cheers! 

I love the music, the story and the art style. The different puzzles are fun too, it's just a little bit uneasy for me to play the second puzzle of the game because of the colliders... But over all I love the game! 

Thank you for the feedback, cheers! The overlapping bug exists on some devices occasionally, we've found that sometimes restarting the game and running it again can fix it, but the logic is unknown... we're so sorry about that.  

There is an export bug of PowerPoint that causes sound effect loss in the 1997-2003 version, I have re-exported one and please download from the link below:

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The story is good, but I do wish there were more gameplay designs. All I did was click somewhere on the screen, I don't need to click on the arrow to continue the story. I wish there could be more sound effects in the game because the jumpscare part was not so effective for me. And maybe fewer slides with only one character. 

Adding more animations can make it better too, such as making characters look like they were sketched by a marker at the same time they were mentioned in the story. 

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Thank you for leaving a comment. There's a PowerPoint export bug that causes sound effect loss in 1997-2003 version while the regular version is fine.  I've re-exported a pack of this version and here is the link:

Sorry about the bug. 

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Thank you for your comment on our game, cheers! The dialogue bug appears occasionally on some devices sometimes, we tried to fix it before, end up finding it might be something about the PowerPoint and the font themselves, which was sad because I couldn't control them...reopen the game and run it again may fix the problem. It is great that you let me know that the bug still exists on some devices, I'll add the suggestion to our description. 

Glad you liked the game! 

Thank you for playing it! We are working on time issues and will upload a new version soon!