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Animations and music make this really satisfying to play. Really enjoyed it! What software did you use to make the music?

Unique concept, would be nice to have some sounds for the explosions or some background music.

Really liked the variation in doughnuts and the wave bosses that appeared. The particle systems all looked nice and the game was fun to play. Would be nice to see something like powerups/different weapons that the player could pick up!

A fun and addictive little game. The dramatic music is really good and I like the title screen too. Sometimes the enemies would spawn too close and trap you which was a little frustrating.

Cool! Really like the art + music, the way your doughnut stretches when you jump is really good. And the animations for getting hit / picking up nice stuff are really slick. Well done!

The movement mechanics are a little bit sticky but they work and just need some tweaking.

Really liked the cutscene, that looked nice! I enjoyed running around with the shotgun, it was satisfying to see so many viruses explode from one shot! Would be cool if the laser beam penetrated enemies too. Found I ran out of viruses to kill quite quickly, so adding wave respawns or a similar feature could be good!

Cool mechanic! Loved how you could see 'through' the window. Had some issues with the dialogue though but not sure if that's because I'm on a weird aspect ratio (21:9). Seemed they were cut off by the top of the window!

Thanks, the controls are a little difficult to get the hang of - if I spent more time on this I'd definitely tweak them until they feel 'right'. There's no way to put back groceries either which is an oversight by me that means you lose as soon as you pick up a wrong item.

Really cool concept and the background music suits the aesthetics perfectly. It was really fun to play and with more levels could be a challenging and fun puzzle game! I had a couple minor issues involving getting the cube stuck in a corner, and spawning stuck in a wall when switching to B on level 2.

I really like this. An interesting narrative that you feel like you're exploring just through the text prompts. Some atmospheric background music could be added to enhance the immersion!

I like the concept and the visuals showing the spread of the virus around the human. It felt engaging as I was playing against the clock, but I found it too hard to beat! Though I can see that it would be easier with multiple players, I could only play it alone. Also as others have mentioned sometimes the arrows were diagonal, it was quite confusing when this happened.

Really liked all the sounds effects and background music for this, it gave it an intense atmosphere! I like the FPS concept too but didn't use it much. I think the enemies should get tougher as the levels go on (as well as having more of them) as I found that one upgraded turret could deal with most of them.

I couldn't get past the title screen either! Using a keyboard.

Innovative idea! I like the fact that other players indirectly impact your experience. Do food and items respawn over time? Otherwise it could eventually become difficult to leave the area you spawn in