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I played it on my gameboy and i can say it was a wonderful moment !

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I did It ! Very creative and fun to play ! Great Game ! :)

great game idea !! and well made (sprites sfx ^^)

(im stuck at the lake ....)

nice game idea,
one improvement : add a restart button to reaload the level when we are stuck :)

really clever puzzle game ! all level completed ^^ (the 3rd was a bit hard^^)
(just one thing, maybe the music is not the best choice for this kind of game,  at least for me)

Great idea , well made game,  cute art !
im just so bad at math haha^^""

good surprise, funny game ^^
the art is  awesome and i love the fact that the ball is a little guy haha ^^

some improvement idea:
-add some screenshots of your game to make people want to test it
- the enemies had to pass in front of the pink bricks so that the player can see them better !

movement is a bit stale and slow .

however music and art are great :)

the Questions are too small to be read during playning hoever nice game idea ^^

mixing board game and cliker is a good idea, and music is funny ^^

however sometimes i couldn't move the board game's pawn.

very clever and polyshed game :)

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the bloc character is too heavy during the platformer , his jump is not handy at all ^^"
despite all it's a nice game idea  :)

moving the level is a great idea ^^ well made game ^^
just one little thing, gun is maybe too long to reload

funny dialogue ^^
i can't reach the platform at the top located in the room before the blue gem ^^ ""
my jump is too short  

Haha funny little game ^^
just one observation : maybe this music is not the best choice for your game ? maybe use something more stressfull ( because we need to finish our task before timer end)

haha fight the bloc to destroy them, what a great idea ^^

as future improvements, maybe add other fight scenes.
by varying the gameplay during these phases the games will be more fun.
There is a lot of potential to make this a really fun game ^^

thanks for playing , glad you like it,^^
I have actually  some ideas for new cases, i just need some time to write them haha

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Thanks for playing and commenting my game :)
No I did not know this game and after researching I seem to see what you mean. (search of the culprit between suspects)

yes it was really fun to discover all silly faces combination possible, because i drew every asset separately I discovered the assembled faces while playing the game ^^

haha everyone should know these adorable dogs ^^ 

great one !! very fun to play ^^

I better understand the usefulness of the "restart button" after being stuck in a blue cube haha
other than that nice video game ^^

I tried when I played it but the cart couldn't get through the circular saws

interesting game ^^
level 11 was a bit hard because of the jump, my character was knockng his head  and I couldn't reach the following platforms (while it seems to be the right way)
im at level 13 currently, how many level are there?

whant an unespected game ! Could be used in primary school ^^

really entertaining !!
i love the feeling of this game and this gameplay is a great idea !
well done , i want more level haha !!

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 thanks you , glad you like it^^
Yes i was thinking about a web version too, but i wasn't sure, but now there is one haha
thanks for asking it ^^

all stars !! this game is just awesome, so addictive !
really well made and polyshed ! (art , sound effect, animation, music are really great !)

yes that would be interesting, I would like to see that!

this combination is really interesting !! great idea :)
feedback :
level 1 :  puzzle and racin  -> ok
level 2 : puzzle ok but i have no car for racing part.... 

the mix between puzzle and sand box is a fun idea ! it was pretty fun to play.

for an improvement, maybe add an option to destroy the blocks we created. it will be usefull ^^

keep creating :)

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nice feeling of ninja rope (it reminds me of the hours of worms ^^).
and funny little mouse.
note: it is a bit long to have to go back and forth until the beginning in order to put down your chickens.

And last things, i  have all the chicks but i can't open the blue door.... 

Haha rainbow ending ^^
There great level design potential with this 3 guys ^^

thanks for your encouraging comment :)
A "story" has been added to the game, you can now play as a detective.
The final game will take the form of a series of cases to be solved. You can now play the first one :)

thanks for your encouraging comment :) A story has been added to the game, you can now play as a detective ^^

very funny game !  myst best is level 8 ! :) (time is too short in this one haha)

all stars ! Great idea and very well made !

Great idea ^^ a bit hard to see the diference between red and pink for me .
but good game after all :)

great idea ^^

A bit to easy, we need bullet limitation maybe, or more tetris blocs at once