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Your eye is very welcome here ;)

Phew, this is the last week in whichI am diving into social media. Now I joined reddid, the community there gives me the most feedback for my work and I actually like that, but some ppl there are just renting useless stuff as it seems. But I try to take all feedback serious and gain something out of it.

So now I got twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram reddit and and unrealengine forums. Phew thats pretty much and they all have their own rules of posting and commenting amd liking and their communities behave different from each other. But it makes fun! I'm getting feedback and new ideas from ppl for my work now and they give me much hole that kickstarter might truly become a success!

Here are two links that I posted recently on the other platforms. A short action clip in which I managed to get not hit and a slomo closeup of my walk animation.

I started to make my development progress public last saturday. Not that detailedbut with colors and footage :) Not I got some followers on facebook and twitter, instagram stayed rather silent.

This social media thing is pretty new to me so I'm still diving in into the hashtag and follower stuff and cutting videos.

I will keep posting what I have done so far for two weeks before I get back into development again.

In the next video I show a pretty nice side effect of my combo system. It was originally thought just to uppercut your enemies into the air and catapult them back down which causes a shockwave. But the shotbot tennis side effect works kinda intuitive.

Please enjoy the show

Hi people, I just found as a possible mareting platform. Since this is going to help me promoting my development, I join the party :)I'm Patryk, 32 years.old, living in germany and want to quit my job so I can finish my game in less time, and I need some reputation for a greater crowd funding success (I hope to be able to launch on kicmstarter around may)

I would like to post a youtube link and the website link now just in case you want to see something. you can find more social media links on the footer of my website. Since the web gig just started you may expect more footage and progress in the near future. Anywqy thanks for reading so far

Ah by the way, since this is a devlog I would like to keep posting my progress also in this forum