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Phew, this is the last week in whichI am diving into social media. Now I joined reddid, the community there gives me the most feedback for my work and I actually like that, but some ppl there are just renting useless stuff as it seems. But I try to take all feedback serious and gain something out of it.

So now I got twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram reddit and and unrealengine forums. Phew thats pretty much and they all have their own rules of posting and commenting amd liking and their communities behave different from each other. But it makes fun! I'm getting feedback and new ideas from ppl for my work now and they give me much hole that kickstarter might truly become a success!

Here are two links that I posted recently on the other platforms. A short action clip in which I managed to get not hit and a slomo closeup of my walk animation.