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Done ! Just waiting for a moderator to check, sorry that a bit desorganized and maybe a bad english, but I wanted to write something :)

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If you have time, and want, I would love to make a real review somewhere without spoiling here ^^

But with those 2 characters :)

Well for me, you should do a new case but with the same characters, the idea is really good and characters appreciable, but if you just do the 7 murderer part that will be too obvious, so yeah I would be so happy with a totaly new case ! :D

That was really good even if a bit obvious, I really enjoyed the time I spent, and hope for part 2 soon ! :)

A really good game, thanks for it !

Sympa mais finis en 1 minute :/

Très très sympa comme petit jeu, j'ai bien aimé malgré la simplicité ça reste très agréable. Gg à toi :)