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A really good game, thanks for it !

That was really good even if a bit obvious, I really enjoyed the time I spent, and hope for part 2 soon ! :)

Thank you so much for playing! I'm really glad you liked it. Seeing as this is my first game, I wasn't sure if I should invest more time continuing this story or move on to a new project with what I learned. Your feedback is so helpful! Thanks again!

Well for me, you should do a new case but with the same characters, the idea is really good and characters appreciable, but if you just do the 7 murderer part that will be too obvious, so yeah I would be so happy with a totaly new case ! :D

But with those 2 characters :)

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If you have time, and want, I would love to make a real review somewhere without spoiling here ^^

This first part was more  to introduce the characters / setting / plot / etc. My plans for the next parts would be less straight forward of who-done-it and instead explore what will happen as the timeline starts fracturing. More puzzles with time elements versus the questioning suspects  over again. I just wanted to test the waters and see if this case was interesting enough to proceed. =) Also I would love a review! If you have somewhere in mind you would like to post that just send me the link, or if you wanted you could post one  here and use the spoiler feature to hide the solution from new players =) Thank you!

Done ! Just waiting for a moderator to check, sorry that a bit desorganized and maybe a bad english, but I wanted to write something :)