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Thats awesome, and looks amazing with the deck you have!

Looks gorgeous! And a mysterious story. Fun to see ^^

Nice job Isa!

Puzzle 1: Took me a second to figure out the goal, but was clear from experimentation!

The highlight that shows which tile you have selected is a bit in the way when trying to see if everything fits together, I wonder if there's another way to highlight the tiles?

Puzzle 2: oh man I'm horrible at this one. The root setup makes it hard for me to have a good idea of what belongs where, so I keep just messing it up and feel like I'm not making any progress. I didn't finish this one.

Puzzle 3: Nice, straightforward even though it takes me a long time to get everything right: I clearly am making progress here. Because it took a while the music did start to annoy me at some point ^^'

Works surprisingly well!
Its fun how sometimes I didn't guess the word correctly, but still was able to guess it when other letters were revealed.

Is there difficulty progression in it? It did feel like the difficulty of them was a bit random so I'm wondering if it was working towards something harder in the end or not.

I got all the trees, and then did the logical thing of spending my remaining time walking down until I reached the start area again. 

nice :D

That's great to hear, really glad you're enjoying it and thank you for sharing :)


Good game, with some sick beats

Awesome job :) 

Nicely designed, small but great experience.
Honestly the only bit of feedback I have is that the colliders of the enemies are not super clear, and the impact from getting hit is lacking.

That's about the only thing though, I had fun ^^
Made a little recording of my playthrough, hope it's useful.

I'm amazed how much content you guys made!
I played the first level, a little of the second and a little of the last to see how it progresses. Very impressive!

I played & recorded it, I was a little more critical than usual because I love puzzle game design. But I hope this is helpful ^^

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Well done, nice game!

I played it, recorded it and gave some feedback. I thought the bow felt fun, and it looks nice in general. 

One of the things I mention in the video is that being pulled away felt very disorienting. I think a way to fix that would be to smooth out the movement, and contextualize it by e.g. being on a train cart. 

I assume you're not working on it anymore, but I still hope this is useful ^^ 

Very cute :)

My favorite game is now playable in browser???
Best news ever.

Ah that was cool!
I initially thought I had to be super careful not to get anything into the wrong box, and trying that was super frustrating haha I did not have a good time that first round. But then I thought I'd just mess around one more time and realized it's fine to just throw them around, trying to get at least some of the right colour in the right areas, without worrying about what else goes with. 
At that point it was really fun :) 

Good job with your entry! It also looks great & quite polished ^^

over 2000! That was fun, I initially thought I had to deliver as many socks of the type shown as possible, so I started hoarding up on socks and then was surprised it my score was still 0 after dumping all of them in haha, but eventually I figured it out & did a lot better the second round. A nice amount of pressure near the end! Well done :)

Sorry for your loss.
Thank you for your entry :) It can be a good way to deal with grief. Hope you're doing alright - take care!

Really fun and polished game! 
I kept running into ghosts when entering their areas though haha, horrible creatures! But yeah it's a lovely style, well worked out gameplay and fun characters :)

Nicely done!

Haha awesome, thanks!
Glad to hear our annoying / lovable characters evoked the right feeling :p 

super nice and relaxing game. And damn, you got this working for multiplayer during the jam- that's cool.

Good barks!

Hurray it's up!
Was a pretty fun little game, and a nice concept :) 

The phone call was very soft compared to the other sounds though haha, so I had to redial and turn up the volume. Glad you got a package submitted, nice entry!

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It was quite a task for our audio designer to get all of those lines in, but he did an amazing job.

Glad to hear you liked it, thanks!

Thanks a lot :D very glad to hear that

Thanks for your suggestions Arjen! That Floor Nowhere one was indeed very atmospheric, did you manage to get to some sort of ending screen though? I was stuck with the cuboid tree (second level I assume ) and wasn't sure what to do next.

Fantastic style - really like seeing the giant silhouettes far off in the fog, and the little platforming challenges were cool :)
I got stuck with the big block tree, I thought I had to reach one of those big grey orbs, and after a couple of tries I landed on one - but nothing happened. Still, a very atmospheric and fun entry!

I almost couldn't believe you made the huge environment I saw in the screenshots, but you did! It looks awesome, and it's a pretty well designed space as well, it was easy to find the next thing to explore.

Flying around is fun, but a little motion-sickness inducing haha. At some point I started flying upside down which was oddly satisfying. It did seem to have some stutter, but that's not too surprising with a huge environment like that. 
Absolutely amazing entry! Well done everyone that worked on it :)

Nicely done! Digging through the items to find the right one feels good, and it all works quite well :)

Feels like it goes on a bit too long perhaps, with the limited amount of new things happening, perhaps if the items started accumulating much more rapidly near the end, making it more tense. But those are not the kind of things you get to sort out during a jam haha. So, a really good entry!

Hah! The crow just yeeted me out of the level.
Cute cat, awesome animations! Very tricky to play though, a bit unclear how some of the movement works, and the crows seem to have a pretty big collider causing me to lose my items & get flung downwards?

Still really impressive little game, thanks for your entry!
Another really fun little gem (jam gem?) 
Feels very polished, and quite some depth in the traversal mechanics!

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Fantastic entry!
Super cute (and surprisingly polished) visuals and audio, the gameplay is really fun, and there's enough depth in the movement mechanics that it takes some time to master.
The only gripe I have is with taking damage, it sometimes feels a bit inconsistent. Luckily you don't reset progress on death, which I think is a great call. Managed to deliver all 3 items, really nice little game :)

Well done!

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I beat it! I love the concept but the controls are very frustrating haha. The actual puzzle parts are cool, figuring out that there are (spoiler) invisible cubes: awesome. But the jumping was very punishing, and it was quite difficult to move the bigger invisible cube away from the wall. I actually thought it wasn't possible after trying to push it it for a while, so I attempted the jumps and just barely failed every time. Decided to rub the two invisible cubes against each other which eventually worked to push the bigger one out.

Essentially - cool idea, but really hard haha. The concept got me determined enough to carry on for a while and actually complete it, but I was close to giving up.

Thanks for your entry!

Very cute and interesting visuals! I'm not sure if the mouse is intended to be inverted? That made moving around a bit disorienting haha, but it was still well doable.

I hope this next year will be better for you too, take care!

Took me a bit to figure out you have to click and drag on the wallet to move, but it was pretty fun ^^
Like the idea of losing cash to move yourself forward. Sadly the replay button quit the game haha. 

Nice entry, good job!

Thanks Saskia :D

Glad to hear you liked it!

Heyy that's a positive number!
Thanks Thomas :)

As Arjen said it seems you've submitted your project files, not a packaged build. Would be curious to check out your entry if you can still upload that :)

A tutorial room sounds like a great addition haha. Hope to try it again soon!

It's interesting! It's also weird, I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing: I'm just trying to find things out of place in the paintings? 
I guess with the lost & found theme that makes quite some sense :p 

Love the style changes of certain objects like the hat when you drag them through the different paintings! The added pieces were very convincing :)

Love how trippy it is haha, crazy little experience. Glad to hear the dog ended up doing well in life.