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No update - It's taking longer than expected.

thank you! glad you liked it - YES, the list icon on the TO DO list - but there are a few things ahead of it. 

Thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it and YES,, Eyeland 2 will have an autosaving mechanism! :)

thank you - i'm glad you liked it. E2 is in the works, but taking longer than i thought - i was really pushing to have it done before the end of this winter, but it looks like that won't be the case ... stay tuned! ;) 

Thank you! Thanks for playing! 

- VERY small spoiler -

i thoroughly enjoyed this! wonderful game - subtle mood shifts / blurry reality / nuanced dialog / little details, like the way the doctor knocks and walks right in, not waiting for elly to respond. i loved it!

thanks! i'm glad you liked it!

thank you! there IS something in the works !

Thank you! thanks for playing!

THANK YOU for these comments. i'm glad you liked E1 and and are excited for E2. it's been fun building it. MAKING a game is very much like PLAYING a game - lots to figure out. and thank you for the suggestion, i am working on a way to make the game a bit more non-linear.

thank you for playing! glad you liked it / yeah, the zelda series is my fave!

i'm glad you liked it! there is a follow-up on its way!

there IS a new game coming - a follow-up to eyeland = bigger, better :)

You're welcome - I'm glad you liked it! - thanks for your comments (i would have loved to see that map)

Thank you - !!! - So glad you enjoyed it

wow - Has it been a YEAR?! - thank you! :)

Thank you - thanks for the great compliments, i'm glad you liked it !

Thank you! - i'm glad you enjoyed it

thank you! i'm glad you liked playing it! - and yes, that is the "endless ending" :)

you're welcome - and thank you

wow - i'm glad you liked it! thank you for offering to translate! i'll reply on reddit shortly...

[╹‿╹].꜒    Thanks for playing!

thanks! i'm glad you liked it 

thank you - happy you liked it!

thank you so much! i'm glad you liked it

haha yep! :D

dreams do come true! can't wait to check out the new version!

Fun, funny, and heartwarming! Wonderful little christmas game & story. Baby Vlad will not be sad this December 25th!

Thank you! glad you liked it!

OH - i didn't know that was a thing - i'll check it out, thanks! and thanks for the compliment! :)

VERY small change - this version includes a warning about flashing animations. 

Love the new ART-O-Ween version !  New gameplay and NEW ART to see!

Hi Kizbiz — you'll need to export the game as a PDX in order for it to be played on the device.  


s p E Y E d e r

FUN! -- LOVED IT! -- A great little story with lots of humor and heart throughout / fantastic details to keep your eyes happy. I hope you make more! 

SURE THING! DM me on itch - Fave game season 1: Ratcheteer (and Saturday Edition)

i'm glad you liked it!

Yes! I'm glad to hear you kept at it and I can't wait to see what you've made! I've had my device for about 4 months now (group 2). 

thank you - and thanks for the comments! one of my main aesthetic "rules" was to be CLEAR -- born out of the combination of that tiny non-backlit screen and my "not as good as they used to be" eyes! :D i'm happy that you appreciated it. 

thanks! i'm glad you enjoyed it!