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yeah you don't need a license if you're under 18 :)

Anyway to buy a license you just buy the paid commercial version from this page.


There is, but its old. Check out other comments here i posted the link somewhere

Hi vizooall,

result image can either be the size of the input image or smaller (there's a checkbox to determine that) but can't be larger.

If you need to just scale up the image you can use any photo editing software to scale it, just make sure you use nearest neighbor filtering so it won't get blurry, and that you increase size in round factors so that pixels will duplicate evenly.  But if you do that - ask yourself first if you really need the source image larger and not just scale it in runtime in whatever platform you present the image on?

If you need to scale up the image with actually adding more details to it, and not just duplicate pixels, that's something Pixelator can't do. Adding details to scale up image is a whole different thing and usually involves ML 

Really cool game!

If the game is not commercial - yes. If it is, please get a license :)

Thank you very much :)

I'm not looking for anything beyond hobby side projects at the moment so business inquiries may be irrelevant, but regardless here's my email:

Update: didn't implement full controls settings yet, but in the meantime I added a checkbox to disable double-press for dash + added X as alternative key for dashing.

So you can go to settings and uncheck the double press dash and use X.

Have fun! :)

Hi Xendra,

Thank you for the feedback. I will add an option to switch between double press and a designated key in the next update (and update the web version to have controls settings, which is currently only available in the full version).

Have fun, and congrats on being among the 1% that reads fine letters :)

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Hi SrBys, the path seems a bit weird, can you paste the full path that contains "Pixelator.exe"? ie where you extracted it? And also do you see a '_pixelator_cmd.exe' in it?



There shouldn't be watermark in the free version, unless you removed the LICENSE file or executing the exe from external folder.

Hi, just making sure you're not trying to run the exe without extracting the zip first right?

thank you :)

Thanks man :)

No idea who that guy is. Could be intentional or accidental, hard to say.. Thanks for letting me know.

Thank you for this lovely review and good luck with your game :)

Lol strange, maybe it was permission issue? Regarding the new issue, I suspect that # in source path, can you try to remove it? UI is actually html and it's images with src pointing on the file, since # have a special meaning in URLs it might mess it up.

Thanks :)

Do you see any preview file in that folder? Don't remember the exact name but it should contain the word preview.

Also what happens if you copy the entire command from view -> shell command, and run it yourself from cmd?


looks like it fail to load the preview image (there's a little broken image icon in the corner) but I don't see any error message, so maybe there's something off about the location pixelator is in, which is where the preview is created.

Can you please paste the full path of where pixelator exe is located? And just to make sure, you didn't get any error message you dismissed right?

Thanks :)

It's OK it happens to a lot of people :) guess people are less used to zip files today especially when files explorer opens it natively like folders.

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Hello :)

Sorry I don't speak the language the error message is in (is that German?) but from the folder path it looks like you're trying to run the exe from within the zip file, which wouldn't work (as the exe can't access other files from inside the zip).

If that's the case can you please extract the zipped folder first, and run from the extracted folder?


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Hello Jacob,

Can you please try running pixelator as administrator, and if that doesn't work, save to a different location (maybe something like C:/temp-test) to see if it works there?

Thanks :)

Make sense :) electron is great btw I totally recommend it for cross platform apps (only downside is that it's a bit big in size).

Hi sorry for the huge delay in response I missed several comments. The batch processing is indeed a bit slow... I don't have any concrete plan for a future version until it's needed (due to one of the components getting outdated or too many feature requests) but I'll take this into consideration when I do.

There's a lot to improve in terms of performance here..


Hi sorry for the huge delay in response I missed a lot of comments apparently..

you don't have to put it in credits, but ofc it will be very appreciated :)  also feel free to drop a link to your game when released so I can check it out 


The mac version is older and not supported anymore (for now?), but here's a link:

Nope, it's python converted to exe and electron for the UI.

Hi, sorry for the delay I must have missed your comment. Did you download the zip that says Commercial in its name?


Glad it works now and thanks for the general tip :)


Please check if the folder the file is in or parts of the path is not in English.



Yes the license is forever and includes any future updates :)

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Hi, technically speaking no because the personal license says you can't use these assets commercially. But you know as long as you end up buying a license it's all good I don't really care and it's not like anyone can even tell. And you could just run pixelator again with the license.. so what difference does it make. 

The licensing is aimed at companies and devs who plan on doing commercial products (or designers who use this is as a tool) I'm not looking to nitpick at people who want to experiment and learn, especially not if you end up buying a license which is great.

So go ahead, and if down the road you decide this project is getting serious and you want to go commercial I trust that you buy one if you can.

Ps read the small letters if you're under 18 you can use it for free. :)

depends on the nature of the game. A commercial game yes, a hobby game that you publish for free with no ads and just for fun - no :)

do you run Pixelator.exe, or __pixelator_cmd_.exe?

An unforgiving platformer-rpg, now out and free!

Thanks :)

I want to, one day, but its really low priority and I keep having new stuff I want to work on, so I don't know when.


Here they are if you want, but I can't guarantee it would work properly as the electronjs version is quite old.



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Hi, yes but they have very old electron version and would probably crash for a lot of people so I prefer not to officially post it here. 

EDIT Found the links:




you're supposed to download the File that says commercial in it and it comes already activated. 

Did you download the correct file?


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Hello Vhale,

the only difference is whether or not you are legally allowed to use it commercialy.  So if you're not sure pixelator is right for you, you can download the free version, play with it a little, and if you see it's good for your needs - buy it commercialy. It will have the same features.

Ofc for non commercial projects or if you're under 18, no need to buy at all.

Hope this clears things up

You can now buy directly from itchio