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Nice Prinny!

very nice

Doing God's work!

Reminds me of Custom Robo Arena on the NDS

Doesn't really have to be anything too drastic just stuff like shorter hairstyles, shorts (a bit longer and roomy), long pants or cargo pants and you could just add a few different types of shirts like long sleeves, plaid shirts, shirts with rolled up sleeves, polo shirts that could be mixed and matched with the pants and stuff. 

I like it a lot so far so I gave it 5 stars, but currently there isn't much in the way of masculine leaning accessories and parts.

I'm pretty sure all the ones made by other users are free to be used personally or commercially and the ones found on the internet are also CC0 so no worries.

Good luck and don't forget to look through the collections and blocks section for some custom blocks to add to the program made by other users and some they found on the internet that work with the program. 

this guy has a couple videos using the program so you can check that out to get a feel for things and this particular video is where he makes a dragon Asset Forge Mech Dragon

Yes you can make some basic characters and stuff like humanoid robots/mechs and I've even seen someone make a mechanical dragon on YouTube so it just depends on your creativity, but currently there are not many pieces specifically made for creating characters in the program so unless you plan on making your own custom modular character assets to use in the program or finding some, you will be quite limited.

I am not sure how hard it would be to add this feature, but I think the ability to add decals onto the surface of any model and move it around to any part of the object would be cool and if we can add multiple then that would be even cooler.

That way regardless of whatever texture we use we could always easy add some variation to it, like adding a blood splatter decal to an object with a metallic texture or adding a bullet hole decal to an object with a wall texture. Decals could also be used to add stuff like graffiti or certain icons or symbols you would usually have to create custom textures.

very cool!

high quality assets so they deserve the ratings. I will be waiting for the time when it reaches 50 ratings before I download anything because it surely will get there soon.

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Whew very very cool stuff!

appreciate the updates

Nice! I love using procgen stuff cause I am not very creative myself and sometimes I just like looking at the wacky outcomes.


any thoughts on making making a female body type? 

always appreciate your hard work in updating your past stuff.

I just got the one that says windows release and it has been working fine

could you add a button that randomizes the colors?

Just here cause my favorite YouTuber itsreal85 the goat played this game! 

Wow they look very high quality!

Very nice! We all appreciate it! keep up the great work.


ah, I see it sorry about that. It's because I only saw export as png when I opened the menu at first so I thought that was the only option. I didn't think it would be anywhere else since the village generator just shows it right as I pulled up the options so my mind just didn't even think to check haha. Anyways thank you!

Good stuff!

Will this eventually get the option to do so? I only see PNG. Although the village version has the option to export as JSON this one is on a larger scale so that would be good for it too.

So far 64x64 has been good but one issue is that right now when you try to click any of those buttons at the top at least for me you always end up clicking on the canvas which often ends with me filling my canvas with a color by mistake or leaving random dots so I think those buttons should be moved off to the side when using 64x64 and also possibly mapped to 123456 on the keyboard for ease of use or some keyboard shortcut (I am not sure if there is already a shortcut since I usually just click the buttons).


I am interested in knowing how you achieved that kind of style for all the all the assets. Was it some sort of custom shader?

I hope more people do that challenge so we can have more awesome stuff

can you add a simple way to export?

It's Christmas in June. Hahaha good stuff dude!

omg you the goat

any plans to be able to increase canvas size? I do a lot of 32bit stuff and I want to see what they might look like in this style but quite frankly the canvas is sometimes too short or not wide enough for some things like long swords or bows etc that I've drawn. Also for the fill tool used for depth could you possibly allow it to have the option to only raise the voxels that are touching each other if that makes sense. Like I draw a line then I draw another line two spaces above that one and I only want to raise the depth of the second line right now the fill tool just raises everything regardless of whether or not they are connected/touching.

Looking good dude!

Works okay for me.

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Um could you add a read me with all the necessary information in the zip folder for the program? Also do I need a tablet plugged in for the brush to actually work?