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Hello, some stretch goals are in progress at the moment, they will be added once they're done

Finished the game, great one!

A cute game with some cute art 🙂

Wow, thank you a lot!😁

Done :)

Yep, working on it!

Glad you like it!

The concent looks nice and interesting, will be checking the game out

I can create a version with just a white background for you, reach out to me on twitter 😁

Thanks! I'll be publishing the light version as well, if there's enough support of the game 😁

It does :)

Thank you for yet another great review @Loira. I'm glad you enjoy my games. Also, a couple of good news -

1. There's actually 2 pages of quests in the full version, not one. Feel free to message me on twitter for the free access. The same goes for any other product of mine!

2. This adventure will soon be translated to DnD engine, so id you play that - you'll be able to experience it, so don't read the edgings page😁

Thanks a lot for a great review! 

I hope you had and will have a great time with my game😁

Thank you a lot for a great feedback!

Regarding the items selection - I gave each class a small selection of items to not overwhelm players before the game and to allow them to jump into the game as fast as possible. I will try to improve that part of the game. I'm thinking about adding a section in the items list with a few critical items like first aid kits, that can be picked up by any class.

Thanks a lot!

Hi! I'd love to translate the cards to Ukrainian, could you send me the images without the text? Or PDF with editable text? Thank you! 

You can contact me on twitter @_RomaB_

Will do 🙂

Really good work! Everything is simple and fast to understand

Great stuff! Was able to pick up some great things, thank you a lot!

Let's get this party going!

RT THIS TWEET to get more people onboard. Much appreciated!

Have you ever wanted to try playing #DND, but just couldn't be bothered to learn all the rules and stuff?

In #SimplerDND everything you need is contained within 2 pages and just ONE d6 die, but feels the same as DnD

Get the game @

18 people have joined Constructive Criticism Jam in just 1 day!
If anybody wants to sponsor the jam, or help in any way - feel free to message me or @ me

#ttrpg #IndieGameDev

I love the pins and I love the game!

The art is beautiful, the content's good.

I hope this review qualifies to add a new pin to the pinboard 😁

The jam has officially begun! 

Submit your awesome projects, let's improve them together!

And remember - be nice, don't be not nice

Oh, that's a very nice game!

Wow, a fantastic game!

Worth every dime, will be testing soon

God, the art is beautiful!


Love the art and the adventure!

Downloaded the big A4 spreads and it was really worth it

Wow, really love the style and the variety. Will try adapting the maps to my campaign

Love the style! Bought and tested last night


Love the style. Will be using the gif idea in my games😁

Also a beautiful adventure

Wow www, what a beautiful style and the content!

Who's an artist?

What a cute little system! Will be checking it out with my fav book

Love the idea! Will be testing it out soon

Love the concept and the measuring card!

Purchased a couple copies for me and friends😁

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Love the style and the idea!