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Yeah I tried running with WINE, it needs "Visual C++ runtime" or something, which I can't figure out how to get

Yes, game code has to be written during the jam.

only pride and bragging rights

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Hi, I am looking for other people to work on this jam with. I participated in the jam last year but didn't finish. I can work in C# or Lua, and am currently trying to learn Unity. I also have some familiarity with Godot and GDScript, but again I can do C# too. Happy to join anyone's team! My Discord is Roly Yuva#4648

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When I bought Fates of Ort, I got really into it. So I went looking for a wiki, like I do with pretty much any game I get really into. I noticed that there really wasn't one, so is it okay that I created one? And if it is, can anybody reading this please help contribute? Thanks!

Hello! I bought the game on Steam, and I’m wondering if there’s a key or anything for Thanks!

ohhh… I thought the limitation WAS the theme. oooof….


I accidentally messed up uploading my game to, is it ok if I change the downloadable file later when I’m able to? Will that still count?

I saw the “limitation” was quantity limitation, and I interpreted that as the theme. Was the theme “cascade?”

oh crap. Thank you so much for letting me know, I’ve never exported a game with Godot before. Is it too late to do that? Because I can’t do it until like 5:30 EST tonight.

How can I verify that my game published? When I go back to the jam's home page the submit game button is still there. It published, right? (This is my first (completed) jam, sorry if I am getting overworked). Thanks!


Does source code need to be public on GitHub?

Would game demos be acceptable? Like if you felt that you couldn’t get your game finished in time, but you still have part of the game that you could play as an actual game as a demo?

it’s hidden

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Hello! I am on a team consisting of 3 people: a designer, a programmer, and a composer. However, we are still looking for a 2D artist, if anyone is still looking to join

My Discord is Roly Yuva#4648

Seriously, we desperately need an artist

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Those sound awesome! We would be happy to have you on our team. My Discord is Roly Yuva#4648

Also, if you know Ruby or Python, Lua is somewhat similar to those languages

Hello! I am the programmer on a 2 person team consisting of me and a game designer. We have a game idea and have started programming, but it would be very beneficial to have people working in assets. We are using the Defold game engine, which uses Lua. Thanks!

You can also join even after the jam has started; u just won’t have as much time

Sorry, I couldn't see the "Submissions will be available at end of jam" text on my phone

I noticed that there is already 2 submissions, and I would be curious in checking them out.

Because I still don’t have access to Discord, and we are on a team, how are you interpreting the theme so I can start thinking about how to program it?

Ok. Good luck on your project!

I do have one small game that I’ve made for a school project:

I made it in literally 2 days, so it’s not very good, and the Defold engine can make games much better than it.

My first time too. Good luck, and I look forward to playing your game!

Those look awesome! I would be happy to work with you! This is my first game jam, so thank you for being willing to help me in it. My Discord is Roly Yuva#4648

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I appear to be having some trouble messaging you on Discord. I've never really used a whole lot of features of it before, but I can use it. I'm not sure how to DM you, but there is also a server for this jam; it'll be the second top topic in the community page. From there I should be able to message you. Or if you want to message me, my Discord is Roly Yuva#4648

What role are you in game development?

Hello! I am not looking for a team up, but I am curious about this engine you are developing. What language is it in? Will it be available on once it’s finished, or even for beta testing? Thanks!

Hello! I am a programmer that mainly uses Lua. I can compose music, but I’m not very good at it, so any composers for team members would be great! If you are interested, reply to this and I’ll send you an email. Thanks!

It’s less than a week until the jam starts! I wish the best of luck to everyone participating!

I may be interested. I’m a programmer that uses Lua with the Defold game engine. I can also maybe do some pixel art, but mostly programming. Thanks!

Hello! What kind of engine/language are you planning on using? I could try and contribute game design and level design, and I could do some pixel art. I would also like to do programming in this jam, I use Lua with the Defold engine.

Hello! This is my first game jam and I think it would be cool to team up. I am a programmer that uses Lua with he Defold game engine, and I was wondering if there were any pixel artists looking for a team, because I would be happy to team up. Thanks!

You’ll learn what the theme is, with the rest of us, on November 1st

Wow, it’s amazing to see how many people have been joining this jam! I bet the number will reach 5,000 by the end of the month!

Hello again! As the jam approaches, I was just wondering how we would communicate and organize building a game. My email is