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I'm glad you like it! I was doing a Godot Wild game jam and there was an optional theme to make a game that had a focus on accessibility. Maybe one of these days I'll make a longer game that can be played without sight.

It is indeed an Ultimate Game (ug)

I wish it was a bit cheaper to restore chains but it was very fun

Hint: don't hug the turtles. Great job on the art, Julia! 

Animations are super smooth. Love the art style and the music

your ship will disappear and you will get a game over screen if you die

I think that was my bad. I added art for the shield layers last minute haha

I love how the pet companion controls the camera

thank you!

you must have jumped while there were still enemies left. I had a last minute bug where I had to remove my code that prevented people from jumping early. sorry

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I originally had a can_jump Boolean to keep people from jumping when enemies are still present but there was a last minute bug that made me uncomment those checks haha. I'm glad you liked the shield sound. I wish I had more time to add sound and music for other parts

Super fun! I made it to 20 days!

You had me at corgi