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At least one person on the group was hooked on the game! 

My controls were also a bit off, but fun game!

Quite confused as well, I think i missed a memo :P

Interesting concept, I felt it lacked a bit progression but the idea is good and the results can be hilarious!

Fun game, I particularly enjoyed the theme interpretation!

Checkout our game as well! :)

I like the humorous side of the game and has some neat visuals. Had some trouble with the slowing down the time as it looked like it didn't work with the mouse wheel for me.

We did a physics based game with slowing down time, check it out and good luck!

Interesting game and nice interpretation of the theme.

Had some trouble figuring out the controls, but good job overall!

Fun game, you interpreted the theme well!

Chrome! That's what we did, windows version worked just fine!

We'll probably do a quick update to include keyboard! thanks for the comments!

We just played your game, it's good fun!

I really liked the idea! the hybrid in game styles is there and well interpreted, good job overall!

the only thing, is the browser version was not picking up keyboard input.

Good work over there, the game aesthetics remind me of Wasteland 1 and 2 a lot.

Very nice entry, enjoyable to play and explore! I can see the Warcraft 3 references in there! Good work!