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So far, it's very quaint. Might take some time to dive in further and see how the Demo ends.

In Win 10, the default font gets distorted to the point of being almost unreadable.

FYI - Unable to play it due to the (up) key not working, on either the keyboard or game pad.

Thank you.

This was the first purchase for me. Looking forward to more of your work. Especially any matching outside tiles.

I'm sure you're very busy. But have you considered doing any player character sets? Your attention to detail is impressive and the color palate is a bit more subdued than most RPGMaker artists. I like it! It makes the important things stand out more.

I hope you have continued success with this, and it keeps your motivated!

Your work really is amazing.

This just keeps getting better and better...

Sure did. Thanks for pointing it out though.

Hopefully others watch it too. ;)

Thanks everyone that left criticism!

I'd have really liked to see some feedback from all 9 reviewers though. But I'll take the few seconds it likely took to leave their score, as better than nothing. ;)

I've learned a lot from this, and expect to do better.

Thanks again.

Thank you for your feedback!

I will be removing the note at the beginning, in the first update.

I agree, now that I look back on the impulse, it was misguided. Having said that, it was grounded in what I know of the 'RPGMaker' community, and the nerves of entering my first contest. I honestly never expected to get far, I just wanted to finely set a deadline for myself to get something done... After dithering for what feels like an eternity on other, less narrative focused projects.

I genuinely only desire honest, critical analysis. And that seems to be the rule for these sorts of contests. 

I can build from there. And intend too. ;)

Thanks again.

I'd have to agree. It would ease a lot of minds, to say the least.

Do I have to wait till judging stage is over to post an update?

Thank you!

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I have to say that this entire experience has been great for me.

Considering what I managed to hack together, in roughly 12 days of work (weekends, and some late nights) I am sure I will actually be doing more like it. Only, not with the RTP. ;)

 I noticed that I somehow deleted the “Heals Ally” description from Uli’s Flash of Light spell… So, I don’t blame anyone for not realizing it was a Direct Heal spell. That’s a big mistake on my part.

 The Cut Scene where everyone gets knocked down, was supposed to be a real spell that hurt them… So, you start the second fight, damaged. The actual script is dividing all their remaining HP by 50%.

 I realize now, I should really do a better job of considering what’s possible, rather than focus on what’s probable. In the dozen or so times I ran that three-stage boss fight, I only ever lost a character once, which is why I added the KO recovery items. But I still failed to consider that some wouldn’t immediately appreciate the Aggro & Active-Defense skills I added. The boss battle becomes largely trivial with a tank and spank strategy. Especially when adding in Lili's damage shield, and the Draughts of Defoliation.

 And yes… I have a rather large story planned for Uli and friends. Delila is actually just a supporting character in a much larger trilogy, but given the time constraints and the ‘Theme’ I went with her Druid ways, saving an ancient tree spirit, as a sort of Prequel. In hind sight, I really should have made LUG instead. (It’s a rather unique little creature story I’ve been toying with)

 Rest assured, I will revise this little thing, and hopefully expand it. As a matter of fact, this contest has helped me realize how much I miss telling stories. So… There will be more to come.




The Regen, doesn't get removed on battle end. Casting it at any time will give the full effect. In or out of battle. I will be sure to add that note to the skill description!

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Thank you for taking the time to try it out!

 The menu popups were my attempt to isolate a small inventory issue, just before submission, and I forgot to remove them. The only menu call I intended was at the end. But you stopped playing before that. ;)

 I understand completely about the over use of *descriptors* and the (spelling it out) too much. Early feedback suggested that the scenes weren’t clear enough. So, I added a few details that unfortunately, made it a bit too clear!

 I have definitely learned from this.

 The combat, and balancing, was actually cut down quite a bit for time constraints. I had more I wanted to add, and actually ended up cutting a lot of that. So, I agree. It does feel tacked on as a consequence.

Thank you very much for the large amount of feedback!

Can you clarify about the Freeze? There should only be one actual path that gets you to the last cut scene before the Tree.

The only menu that shouldn't be popping up, was the start of the game. I added it to isolate an inventory issue I resolved just before submission and forgot to remove it. The last menu scene, is simply a lack of anything else I could think to do. I know that I sometimes like to look over my party to see what I ended up getting/using etc...

When you say there are too many descriptive messages, are you specifically referring to the moments I insert things like *Smiles with half his mouth, and exhales sharply*  ??

And thank you about the mapping criticism! I will keep that in mind from now on.
Would you mind elaborating a bit about what you would rather see, when resource collection is a key factor?

I am REALLY glad you found enough about it to appreciate it!
I was afraid that my over reliance on RTP would doom it to obscurity. ;)

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This is the first contest I've ever entered... Like ever. So, please let me know if there is anything I've forgotten, or might improve!



You wouldn't happen to have any intentions on making more plant/nature themed effects do you?

Thank you.

To be clear.

- Plugins you've written for other projects yourself, including patches for existing commercially usable plugins, are acceptable?

- But, character art made in the generator and other things like maps and animations, for other non-publicly released projects, are prohibited? (Because they're in-engine made content)

This is great work. The game Hero's Hour utilizes them to great effect.

Would love to see more!

Great work here. If only there were battlers that matched, this would be a one stop shop!

Just purchased. 

These are a great addition. Please consider adding a version of the spite sheets absent the weapons.

Great little font. Thanks for supplying it!

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I have the Steam versions of several packs, but am unable to comment on your DLC there, so I hope you don't mind me asking here.

Is there no 'World' water and snow tiles for inside corners? The 'B' tab has several additional items not in the 'A' tab, but those appear missing.

Edit: Also, some of the tileA2_world tiles, don't auto tile correctly. It seems that 'tileA2_world.png' and 'tileA2_outside.png' are visually identical files.

Thanks for your time.

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I hope you might release Vol.2+ of these, as they complement your tiles well. And Tyler's Battlers are just a bit too 'off' in comparison.


Really love the variety of Orcs. If you could focus on some mini-packs, with a similar format for other monsters, I think they would do well here.

Nice work. Generic enough to apply to anything, and different enough to be a great addition to most projects. Thanks.

Thats what I was referring to. Any sufficiently diverse Skill List, with melee vs. ranged Skills, will leave default AI largely helpless with any tactics.

Even with Plugins like Yanfly's Enemy AI, you'd need to add range conditions, and possibly direction determination? But woes be to anyone attempting to have Enemy Skills synergize at all. Considering each Enemy could be on totally opposite sides of the grid.

Will Enemy AI have to be improved at all, to deal with the changes?

Please consider making a full length game. I'd buy it without hesitation, based solely on the quality here. 

Amazing dialogue. Great Art.