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I am a little discomforted that one of the games in this collection, Crimson, requires that the player be injured to the point of bleeding, and that they use a bandage to play with the blood and then hide the bandage somewhere outside. Both totally unhygenic as a biohazard someone else might find, and also... poses quite the risk of triggering or even encouraging people to self-harm themselves..

I know that's not the intention, clearly a lot of love is put into this, but.. regardless of intention it seems irresponsible to have a game which has instructions that start with "first for this game you have to get cut."

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I love the art, I love how much the story does a lot with a little. In a world so full of  knowledge and stats and lore behind every little detail, it's so fun and upsetting to experience something truly unknowable. I might try to finagle this into a 5e setting, and can't wait to throw my friends into a spooky Halloween one-off special with this story.