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I am a little discomforted that one of the games in this collection, Crimson, requires that the player be injured to the point of bleeding, and that they use a bandage to play with the blood and then hide the bandage somewhere outside. Both totally unhygenic as a biohazard someone else might find, and also... poses quite the risk of triggering or even encouraging people to self-harm themselves..

I know that's not the intention, clearly a lot of love is put into this, but.. regardless of intention it seems irresponsible to have a game which has instructions that start with "first for this game you have to get cut."

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Hi! Thanks for leaving your comment. Like many lyric games, Crimson is written with the intention of being enjoyed as a literary text or poetic piece as much as, if not more than, a literal set of instructions. Yoko Ono's Grapefruit is a strong example of this kind of text that precedes me by several decades. 

To be very clear, I would certainly never advocate self harm as a game instruction. In fact, I believe the game text states that the game is triggered by an accidental cut — a paper cut, for example — so that even in the conceptual framing, players are not imagining themselves causing deliberate self injury.

One possible change I could make, and am quite happy to, is to change the document to include a content warning at the top of the game, perhaps for "blood"?

I hope that was helpful and assuaged some of your concerns! 

Warmest regards,