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es posible que aun se les de la posibilidad a algunos a subir su juego a pesar de que ya paso el tiempo?


en algunas puede ser que te dejen hacer lo de subirlas como "late submision" o algo asi

hagalo pue vago uwu


owo nice game bro


32 bits please owo

okay thx uwu

i thought the jam would begin in august 14 or 15 xd. and i didn´t make my game yet. can i have this time to do it? ;w;

yeah -w-

okay >:3

fix the camera/add a sensitivity option.

fix the player rotation when you collide an object uwu

the rest is perfect nwn


i like it but it needs to follow the limitation. there is no way to know how to move. it needs like a "tutorial" for the controls, in an original way. and you can add a little history (?. uwu you can make it better

you get a legal copy of cyberpunk 2077......

okno xdd

don´t worry, i know how that feels x,d. you can try in the next week. and next.. etc. its like. you can enter here anytime nwn.

Argentina uwu:v


32bits please awa

(1 edit)

things this need:

-background music


-fix the seconds that this rarely add in the gameover screen.

(nice game uwu)

(* ignores everything what you say * ) HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAH   EYES GOES BRrRrRrRrrrrRRrrRrrRrrRrRrRrRrrRRr.

(yes, im jk).

the colors are a shit and i know. maybe i can recommend you something call....(its not spam xd). called "f.lux".

i was using that filter so i didn´t care about that once i close that XD.

32bits version please OwO

i love game maker games nwn. continue this, i love that smooth gameplay

(1 edit)

hmmm... *the game is tiny*. and *the game is very simple*. and i love it a lot nwn.

B       U      T....

-you can add fullscreen mode with F4 or F11?

-you can make it better the plane loop sound to not make it annoying?. like... make a little snd that fits the beginning with the end... like. the snd ends, and when starts again it will continue from the end uwu.





-make a background song/music.

-make a snd for moving up

-make a snd for moving down

-make a snd for "pass throught those things"


.________________________________________. XD oh thanks

why the update size is less than the first version:v?


and, still the inverted camera. you move the mouse up. the camera moves  down. and visceversa.

okay, but, while the jam is in votation period you should make the jam version downloadable. just to make you "remember"

its great, but i hate a lot the inverted camera u.u


okay nwn

i wanted to follow your "Uh...." xd

okay, i like the game and i know you put it as "prototype". but fix the *ENTER*. when you press it you reset the timer. uwu

html5 didn´t work correctly (already tested on html5-gamemaker server. i put a comment on the page of the game (bad idea)).

graphics.... i know, i wanted to make it very simple.

music. idk how to do music (im not professional on it). so i wanted to add something in the background to not make it boring uwu.