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really?. i did it as quick as i can bc i forgot to/i was doing nothing. while the jam time was on. then did it on late quickly and submitted it.

i wanted to make a lot of more things. but just didn`t had time :(

never knew you could do platformers in gb studio. 

10/10 i would play it again and again. (understand?. tfcking slippering)

i literally explained to you how it was my experience with your game, step by step if you didn`t read it.

i have nothing more to say sorry. u.u

pd 1: just fix the gameplay and it will be a nice arcade game

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i hate when a "nice graphics games" get more atention than any others that deserve a little bit at least. this happens in every fckng jam.

honestly as a true human. your game was easy. was so easy what i had to do literally nothing since the ai is simpler and bad. it just know one simple move: bump the player/move near player.

in a way that you could understand:

1. game begins

2. "ai" moves towards you and bump.

3. "ai" moves towards you and bump.

4. "ai" watching you are the other side of the screen, STILL moves towards you.

5. the player: *does nothing*

6. the ai: loses anytime.

its a little old but still i want to share smt...

1. its just funny but hard for me lmao

2. graphics 10/10


same as you... sorry

still funny :3

ALSO, to much undertale   b a s e d


(also gave up at 15 lol)

use your mouse and move it through the grass avoiding sun`s solar ray :D.

(rate 1 star on everything in this submission please)

i did it really quick after deadline so i agree to this :D... now i updated it a little so.... i will upload it i guess uwu

i need a windows build Xd my powerfully 2gb of ram are not enough to run this masterpiece in firefox

Xd i did something really quick

im really sorry, this happens to me at random times that idk. sometimes i forget everything and how to threat people.

lets just agree already, its true i should be programming in C. because its nearly to..... hardware lets just say (?.

excuse me please.... can you give me a chance?

its hard to understand you tho. if you just said: "u are allowed, but you really shouldn't and you wouldn't get any plays without a  web build. No plays = no feedback"

my reply could be:


1. oh ok, i can understand that about web builds xd. but sometimes i forget it so you are right.

2. but its false that you would never get feedback if not WEB VERSION. *play others games=get feedback in return*

-end of true, honest, clean and friendly reply-


3. "You are being the perpetrator by giving me a rude reply without thinking, I was only trying to help." im perpetrator?. impossible. its from what i understood from your entire comment/reply. im sorry for replying in evil and bad and wrong way and hope you try to think before writing reply tho ;).

and... helping is.... telling what you use and why i should use it (unity) instead of something i want to give it a try (j2me) at least for this jam (?

4. "you are incredibly hard to understand, please learn to English,". just... i know. calm down xd.

5. annoying?. well both not only me (?. im sorry if you thought i was like that (?


im not instigating this community, im basically doing nothing aside from giving my opinion and my own way to think. and  i never told you what you should use and why is better than what you use actually. or did i?

i just told you *try* it at least before saying something about it (because you didnt compare it correctly with unity (? ) and it was a wrong thought you gave me (?

who cares to make a mobile game?. no one,  need your opinion about if unity is better and easy to export to mobile devices. i just need to know a question. if j2me is allowed in this jam u.u nothing more. and you repeat and repeat about what do you use Xd.

and what with that downvote?, i didnt said anything wrong, is just a question to answer nothing more.

if you drop your opinion then im allowed to drop my opinion tho xd

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you used it already AND knew and did Something in it at least to say "I wouldn't recommend it"?. or its favoritism only?

if your answer is no. then try it, DO something, use it at least for an entire week. then come back and drop your true opinion.

and... apart from that... i do have an compatible phone with j2me (symbian lol)

im just curious and... if it is possible it could be a big motivation and a big challenge for me bc this old language is not easy for me rn lol




someone told me that tho LOL. i forgot sorry. i will prefer to add it directly in the game

nice game.

i guess you are a begginer!. nice first try !. but its really hard for me to understand how to play your game. and visuals are to confusing u.u.

better luck next time !! and dont worry about how this is, its the begin of a game developer :)

hard for me, my GAMER SKILLS are pretty bad lol

(what do i say ._.)

okay but

for anyone who need to know how to play, just hold to move fast xd

nice, but i would be great to make a new game aside from making a clone of an existing game but with different mechanics, graphics and gravity

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i like how the spider bugs itself :v... but its interesting, i could play it again :). (but fix the collisions xd)

i want to be honest, its hard to understand what to do next. even if you have the messages application u.u. but the gui, i love that so much :). and nice way to use the limitation

i guess not, im still working on it lol


awwwwwwwwww no me habia dado cuenta que lo habias subido. te amo :v

sex with shop girl (? unu

no me dejaba lo puse en publico tampoco me dejaba me voy a comer y a la vuelta wtf rebuguiao todo o solo abre sido yo. de todos modos no tuve tiempo asi que alv, lo dejo como idea, aunque para ser poco ya casi terminaba el juego completo :3 o algo asi

ok!. i will wait for it :D/