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no me dejaba lo puse en publico tampoco me dejaba me voy a comer y a la vuelta wtf rebuguiao todo o solo abre sido yo. de todos modos no tuve tiempo asi que alv, lo dejo como idea, aunque para ser poco ya casi terminaba el juego completo :3 o algo asi

ok!. i will wait for it :D/

i dont understand how to use it at first time, you should add a tutorial when first run

Seika community · Created a new topic interesting....

let me see how this looks :3

am or pm?

i refer to the "0h". i cant make a game in 0h man :c

better you modify the downloadable file rather than delete your submision

im lazy as always lmao

uh, you know this mini jam has ended?

i cant play :c im on 32 bits

"ef_smoke". default from game maker.


uh, some sound effects?, yeah, maybe uwu

0h Game Jam 2022 community · Created a new topic wait what

someone can explain me how this works xDDDDD?

make a beautifull game, but not make a ULTRA BEAUTIFULL COMPLETE VERSION ULTRA 8K GTX 900000 GAME. just a simple and fun game to play (of course the gfx depends on you).

nice to play when you are bored and you need to get ride of your stress LOL

ok?. and?

(1 edit)

use of the limitation: doesnt matter how much good you play your spaceship will overload anyways and your crew members will be in chaos and die bc of spaceship being in flames....

yo tambien know un bit de spanish but cicharp idk :c

game maker 6.1, game maker studio 1.4.99999

lmao everyone hates me xD

english. (there is a difference between language and engine.)


A game jam is an event where participants try to make a video game from scratch. Depending on the format, participants might work independently, or in teams. The event duration usually ranges from 24 to 72 hours. Participants are generally programmers, game designers, artists, writers, and others in game development-related fields. Some game jams are contests, others are not.

while the game was loading my browser lagged, and i closed it :c

firefox crashed... F

(ok four stars in enjoy lol)

you should have thought of more content for your game in that 1 day you left aside.

tbh i fell it boring bc there is no more things that can make you lose apart from the rocks from the left generated randomly. and the mini rock that generates in front of you (or in the same y position)

32 bits please :3

(nice game Xd)


32 bits please (? :,3

32 bits please :3

i like the game. nothing more to say, in my opinion its perfect like how it is right now o,w,o

(and nice game uwu)

what tf is pocket code

this game its like... two hours of fun! :D

59 feathers. ok.

nice game thats all.... 


i love it :3