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Glad to hear! I wish you lots of fun with them :)!

The palette is Endesga36!

Lil' Fantasy community · Created a new topic Requests

Looking for something that isn't in the pack?

Post any requests for new sprites here!

Hi Jose,

Thanks for reaching out. If you look in the script "motion" you will find all the states under the green comments (collapse all regions).

Instead of a classic switch statement, the script uses if statements and calls exit (exiting the code) after performing actions for a certain state.

If you want to use a classic switch statement, just add a switch statement and state variable, wrap the original code in another state  that you call whatever you want and  voila!

You can write a separate input handler and pass its state as booleans to the motion function. If you manually start overriding stuff things might break :(.

This shouldn't be an issue :).

I am unfamiliar with this feature. Do you have a video?

Use the dflip or flip variable as the image_xscale.

I think you are probably not using the correct code to draw the player. Try checking out draw_sprite_ext in the draw event of the player and input the correct arguments there.

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Indeed! The player never collides with anything. As you will find while you gain more knowledge, you generally want to prevent collisions rather than detect them and then fix them. You will have to use a floorcolor switch or write your own collision in the step event using place_meeting(x,y+1,objectocheckfor) {}. Good luck!

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Hi Dylan, I'm a bit confused by your question. The engine only has one room. You can just have your code load that room and things will work!

Good thing I added the option to turn it off then :)

Hi! The sprite center is of no consequence! Do whatever you like! You can simple copy paste the object if you don't want to rotate it over and over. Alternatively, you can use a triangular or really any sloped mask and that will work fine!

Platforming Engine community · Created a new topic 2.3?
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Hi. I am aware that there is currently an issue when porting this engine to 2.3. I will get a patch out ASAP (most likely this weekend).

EDIT:  Issue has been solved. Updated version (1.5) is now available :).

They are already in game maker studio 2. It is a game maker studio 2 project, and you can simply look at and use the code.

Im afraid I don't understand the question. Can you rephrase?

Its not. Sorry! Its a bunch of readymade objects, scripts and code snippets that allow you to easily create your own platforming game!

Cool! Thanks for playing Alperdeniz!

You need to put the code where the original code for drawing the player is. You will also want to draw image_index of -1 if the sprite is animated. For questions like these you should check out the r/gamemaker Discord server:

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You can always ask questions! For simple stuff I recommend you join the r/gamemaker discord, there are always people willing to help there even when I won't be available (I work full-time). They will know how to use draw events and such. If you are on the latest update (recommended) you can easily add animations using the animstate variable! 

This variable is found in the create event. The engine automatically updates it.

So in the draw event you could do the following:

if (animstate = 1) {


//Notice how I use 0,0 as x and y, since the matrix_set is already translating the player.


This would draw the sprite for the player moving left if the animation state equals one (which means the player is moving left).

NOTE: I agree the draw event could use more comments. I'll add some for the next update. Thanks.

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Actually, this has been updated three times already (as evident from the version numbering), and you can expect another update in about a month or two (weapons + 3d environment patch). Thanks for your patience.

Currently not, although literally every 5 or so lines of code are well commented. Is there anything specific you would like to know?

They are marginally faster (my way is really well-optimized), however they have a hard time allowing for slopes, moving (jump through) platforms and some of the other fancy stuff I'm doing. I reckon I could, but I am on the fence as I think the 10%+- performance gain that we can gain will complicate the engine by a lot. Additionally, as this runs at over 3000fps on my laptop, I think performance is not a problem right now.

Indeed, that should work just fine!

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Hey! It is used mostly for the sake of being lightweight. You can easily change it to another variable such as the object_index, sprite_index, or whatever you fancy. To find GML raw color values i generally use If you want to change the image_blend in the room, double click an object and there should be a rectangle indicating the image_blend color. Double-click that and you can pick one that you like. Let me know if you have any more questions!

I strongly suggest you write a function to cover your tiles with invisible objects, as tilemap collisions are really inefficient. That said, I might be persuaded to add a proof of concept "tilemap to invisible objects" script.

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Post bugs and glitches here. If possible, please try to offer precise instructions on how to reproduce them.

Current known issues:

  • None
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Post any feature requests here.

Currently planned features:

  • Easier input handling
  • Example enemies
  • Enemy path-finding
  • Several camera modes (follow, predict, etc.)
  • 3D environment support (with 2d gameplay)
  • Controller support
  • Spikes

Thanks! I left another comment on your blog :).

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Thanks Jordan! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks to both of you! I'm glad you guys had a good experience :)

This gave me a good laugh. Thanks.

Neat :)

What an amazing game!

This is neat.