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Indeed, that should work just fine!

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Hey! It is used mostly for the sake of being lightweight. You can easily change it to another variable such as the object_index, sprite_index, or whatever you fancy. To find GML raw color values i generally use If you want to change the image_blend in the room, double click an object and there should be a rectangle indicating the image_blend color. Double-click that and you can pick one that you like. Let me know if you have any more questions!

I strongly suggest you write a function to cover your tiles with invisible objects, as tilemap collisions are really inefficient. That said, I might be persuaded to add a proof of concept "tilemap to invisible objects" script.

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Post bugs and glitches here. If possible, please try to offer precise instructions on how to reproduce them.

Current known issues:

  • None
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Post any feature requests here.

Currently planned features:

  • Easier input handling
  • Example enemies
  • Enemy path-finding
  • Several camera modes (follow, predict, etc.)
  • 3D environment support (with 2d gameplay)
  • Controller support
  • Spikes

Thanks! I left another comment on your blog :).

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Thanks Jordan! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks to both of you! I'm glad you guys had a good experience :)

This gave me a good laugh. Thanks.

Neat :)

What an amazing game!

This is neat.