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Fun game, solid all round, I enjoyed the upgrading aspect, great job!

Thanks for your feedback, happy to hear you enjoyed it!

Enjoyed your game idea, nicely done! Keyboard controls were punishing with some dangers being insta-death, also a bit confusing that other dangers only take 1 life.

Ah yes, couldn't get auto aspect ratio down-scaling to work in time, unfortunately.

Thank you, yes, we still had to do a lot of work!

Fun game, and really liked the visuals!

Appreciate the comments, thank you!

Glad you enjoyed the paths!

Thank you, glad it was enjoyed!

Very cute, love the visuals! Plays well, great job for 2 days!

Thank you! 

Appreciate it, thank you!

Fun times! Looks great, sounds great, well done!

Fun idea, I like the upgrades over time - tough to get enough xp to level though!

Great visuals, the levels were a bit repetitive though. Great job!

Played smoothly, liked the concept, enjoyed the visuals and playing an Avatar themed game!

Enjoyed the audio and visuals, the game errored and stopped me from being able to play :(

Enjoyed the audio and visuals, the game errored and stopped me from being able to play :(

Enjoyed the audio and visuals, the game errored and stopped me from being able to play :(

Was tough to see how each controllable unit matched an event, so spent most of the time blindly experimenting.

Very pretty game, I enjoyed the sounds and the incremental unlock of functionality. I found the  placement of the wooden steps up the hill became too high for me to continue and I got stuck and frustrated.

Loved the game, played well and had great visuals and sound. Great job!

Tight game with a cool concept, loved the art, great job!

Chill game, great sounds, and easy to control. Enjoyed the game, thank you!

Looks great! Probably needed a minimum time between attacks, because you can spam enemies without getting hurt. Cool game, great job!

Nice concept, huge amount of game for the game jam, great job!

Fun game with a cool concept, enjoyed the challenge all the way to the end of the game!

Great job for a first game jam, cool concept!

Love this chill puzzler, fantastic job!

Great visuals, plays well, nice concept!

Cool game, plays smoothly, RTG represent! I wasn't sure how to finish the last level though XD

Thank you for the feedback, we experimented a lot with it, but could keep  experimenting! XD

Thinking outside the box, nice!

Fun game, and love the humour! Great job!

Cool art and sound, enjoyed the nature theme!

Enjoyed the storytelling, the game was quite difficult for me though!

Fantastic! Great job, just need to add the rest of the relationship now :P

Can see the love in all the visuals, great job! I like the resource collection phase, but the first level is rough without knowing the enemies approach from both sides.

Great concept. Love the way the game flows into a new game! I like that the player has to figure the situation out, reflecting the state of the musician, nicely done.

Love the directional sight implementation, plays smooth and dash looks great. Great job!