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Fun game! It took me a while to understand I needed to hold down a button to turn, but after that it was fun. The only thing I would want is some way to get out of a repeating wall bash where I have no path to turn away. Well done.

Really nice game. Well implemented and easy to pickup. I would prefer if the driving controls were more responsive, higher acceleration and faster turning. Visual feedback indicating if I am drifting or not would also probably add a lot to the game feel. I really liked this!

Fun game. I would be interested to see how these levels work with a limitation on how many loops you can use.

Really great game. Concept is simple to pickup and well executed. floating green particles in the background are really nice and add some great atmosphere.

Cool game. I felt like I was missing a primary goal and reason to continue exploring. Really like the visuals and could imagine more mechanics easily making this more engaging. Well done.

Fun game!

Art is fantastic. I had fun playing this but found that that jump aiming line did not always seem to match where I actually jumped. I also would prefer skippable dialogue. Overall really fun game.

This was so much fun. I love repeating just 3 times per level because it builds suspense for the final super fast run. Really cool mechanic for looping and accomplishing an ebb and flow of difficulty. One of the best I have played in the jam.

Fun game.

Cool game, but I do not see how it relates to the theme.

Fun game. I liked the puzzle mechanics up until the things shooting from the ceiling. That felt way too hard and impossible to dodge. Overall good game.

Cool game!

Really cool game. I like the persistent looping mechanic.

Really cool and unique concept. I am interested to see how you would add and refine this.

Fun game!

Really cool game. I found it a little too easy, but that is a difficult thing to tune in a jam. Well done.

Unable to play WebGL version.

Really cool game. Music was nice to listen to and I love the art style in the cut-scene. I got a block stuck in the corner and was soft locked.

Cool game. Art for the obelisks and book were really well done.

Cool game.

Really fun game. It was super difficult and the visuals were nice.

That is intended, you can loop around the screen by going up or to either side. The intention is you just keep moving forward, even to go backwards.

I found it fair since you are setting and meeting expectations well, nothing unexpected happens and nothing happens to cause my failures that isnt’t my fault. I would just prefer a less punishing secondary loop. The structure and mechanics seem very similar to Celeste other than the checkpoints are further apart.

Really creative and fun. I found it hard to control and know where I needed to go, but played anyway because it was satisfying going so fast.

Really cool game. Thumbnail and game page art look great and drew me in. I would like to see more differentiation between walls and the ground as I found it hard to tell the difference. Love the SFX and good job.

Really well polished platforming mechanics, well done. I like the art style as well. I do not see the benefit of the looping mechanic here, and it seems to just add frustration for me. Increasing the time between attempts at a platforming challenge does not increase the challenge at all, but does make me dread failing. Overall great entry.

Awesome graphics, the thumbnail was very intriguing. Please let me skip the intro text at my own pace. Really like the returning ammo mechanic.

Cool game. I wish the player movement was much faster.

Cool concept and art. The default window size is tiny!

Really great game. Polished with nice art and colors. I like that you can start playing without any tutorial and basically figure it out.

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This game is super hard. I would prefer bigger bullets so I can actually see them, and options for either keyboard OR mouse only controls, not a mix.

Cool game. I like the ramping difficulty in the same environments.

Really cool game. I like the mechanic and the platforming is surprisingly good for a jam entry. My only critique is that the rival mechanic incentivizes players to go slowly to the first goal, and punished players who are fast. I would love to see a game with the same music components and direction but with in some way rewarding good play. Well done.

Really cool game with awesome art.

Cool game and nice color palette. I found the input method pretty unintuitive and it made experimentation difficult for a style of game I would expect to have drag and drop style controls. Would love to see this with more input options!

Amazing game. Primary mechanic is fun, and the progression of more bullets, enemies, and an expanding room is a perfect increase in scale and difficulty. This is a super impressive entry.

Cool game and love the music and mood. Images kind of disorienting and did not offer any notable landmarks that I could use to orient myself. Perhaps some additional details in the location would improve this.

Really excellent game. Art style is great. Only thing I would prefer is to have the actions be buttons rather than drag and drop. I felt like the D&D was slowing me down when I already knew what I wanted to do. Well done.

Cool game. Wall jump mechanics were a little frustrating as it does not allow you to instantly jump again, let alone a coyote time type assist feature. I liked it.