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This is a really cool game, but I would like to have more ways to actually narrow down the vampire's location. Even if all the tiles are flipped but 2, and there is a [8+] and [9+], you have a 50% chance of guessing right. The [+] and [<>] tokens rarely seemed to actually help me, since they typically only reveal concrete information excluding lower cards, and still leaving everything as a possible vampire. I would like to see maybe [-] tokens, or maybe some information about the entire row/column like a sum or an 'at least x in this row'. This is a cool gambling game, but it seems like the odds are definitively against the player, and the player has no tools to overcome those odds. I feel like this is more of a vampire coin flipping game and I would love to see it be more like vampire soduko, with betting. Really excited to see progress on this.


I love the planet/loop art! great job

Mashing 1-4 breaks the cards showing up. Turn indicator is cool!

Ya the switching, I would prefer it not be 100% random. If there was something the player could do to try and prevent it, or to cause it, I think the combat would be a lot more engaging and you could develop some kind of strategy

Note that those links are for Unity 2019.4, if you are using something else make sure to change the version in the upper left.

I typically only find answers on an issue specific basis, but here are the Unity pages giving an overview and what the platform does/does not support, and then the WebGL debugging page. For you specific issue I would also do the standard google search which should be able to help out too, since it seems like a lot of people have issues with WebGL builds/builds in general.

WebGL Getting Started

WebGL Debugging

Great art assets. Would recommend using  the Tiled draw mode for the background sprites to avoid the flashing lines between sprites. I would like to see a mechanic added that makes this more unique. The houses scrolling by look like they would be great for jumping on. Good job!

Always good practice to test after building. WebGL has some differences that can break things that work in the editor. Hopefully you can update it after the jam so people can play! 

Great game, and leaving the previous drones on the level is a really smart touch. Look forward to seeing what else you can add here!

Really fun game. I wish the shoot/drive mechanics were more linked with my actions as the player. Good job!

Cool game! I wish the perspective stayed in a top down view, but overall fun concept. Would like to see what else can be added here!

I like you idea of a geographic take on the theme, but think you could have expanded on that even further and incorporated mechanics into why you needed to get to Control. The gameplay was pretty standard for this genre of game, and I think the isometric view made it more confusing to play since movement and keybindings did not line up. I would have preferred more 'standard' visuals with unique changes on gameplay to differentiate.

Cool idea. I have seen at least 2 other games in the jam with this mechanic, and I would love to see you add on something new to differentiate beyond the constant danger laser idea. Well done!

Amazing art. I would like to see the breakdown mechanics more tied to player actions and less random, so it felt like there was at least a change I could get things under control. Good job!

Cool concept but I did not like that the cats had colliders I had to avoid. Fantastic visuals and theme, it felt super creepy in a good way. Good job, and I hope to see this expanded upon!

I think this could have been more fun with visuals that communicated what was happening. I could not tell the 'speed' of the plates rotating or if I was playing well or not. Good idea, and great job!

I like the art but the RC mechanic does not seem much different than a standard platforming game with obstacles. would like to have seen the theme and mechanics more integrated with something to do with the cool art!

Cool presentation and mechanics. I wish there was more focus on repeating levels to get better times rather than planing new levels. I never got to feel like I had learned a course and gotten better at particular jumps/areas. Great job!

This is a great game. Really cool implementation of kinda a main and alt fire mode, but with trade-offs for each. I would love to see other shooting mechanics paired up like this!

It seemed like the bullets exploded whenever you switched sides, and I think it would be more fun to leave them in as another layer of decision making the player must face, but maybe you tried that and intentionally changed. 

Solid game!

Cool game. I would like to see the control swapping more integrated into the player's actions, like maybe if you cross dotted radio lines. I sometimes swapped into a car that was about to crash and couldn't do anything about it. Overall fun game, and looks really cool! I like the framing of a bunch of people driving RC cars

I like the twist on the classic flash game style shooter that doesn't involve shooting, but I would have liked to see more added to that mechanic. For example, something related to the theme making the people turn away besides the ding sound. I think this game could be really fun if you kept building away from the standard genre shooter this reminds me of. Great work!

I like the concept for you idea, but wish that the meta control mechanic added some interesting decisions to make. As is, it feels more like an obstruction to gameplay rather than an enhancement. Visuals were nice, great

Thanks for the feedback and bug report! I have already started cleaning up my frantic game jam project file so I can move forward and add/fix things.

Art was really cool, but I would have liked to see more mechanics added to make the landing-control game play more difficult rather than just scaling up the number of planes and boats. I hope to see more added to this game!

I liked the love tile mechanic, but wish the game focused on variations of that rather than on different levels. I think combining two or more rule sets for how your movement was affected based on the tiles would be very fun and interesting. The black tiles as is seem to only make it take longer to get to the more interesting part of your game. Well done, and I hope to see more ideas added on to this game!

I really like the concept, but wish the camera controls were easier to use. Great job!

Really fun! I would like to see the out of control changes affected more by the player actions rather than at the end of a repeating level. Great art, well done.

Great art! I had problems with the 'bullets' being cast over the mouse which made aiming difficult. I think this game's are and world could be a really cool game if there was more variation or additional mechanics to the gameplay. Good job!

Excellent art, and I hope to see a finished version of this game! I would like to be able to more easily tell what each tile was, either through visuals or explanation at the start. Good job!

Fun game! The wall and border textures was a little confusing when I assumed the thin red line bordering the ship would be walls. I really liked the art and music, and think this game could be even more fun with additional time spent on levels and some better visual cues to what is going on with the environment and gravity.

Cool art, but the controls mechanic was unclear and I was unable to progress.

Saying AWSD instead of WASD is out of control. Good game! I would like to see some mechanic relating the combat to what ship you switch to, so the player has more interesting choices to make rather than being at the mercy of randomness. Well done and complete experience.

Cool concept! I would have liked less post processing effect, or at least an option to disable.

Excellent game. Fun, and very original concept!. Besides expanding the scope of the game, I would have liked to see an easier way to play the cards like num keys 1-3 since the card playing didn't seem to add anything. Great job, I hope to see an update after the jam!

Really cool game and idea, but after crashing once I was unable to get back to driving since the feet move so frequently. Good job!

How do you mean 'more forgiving'? Thanks for the feedback!

Cool  game! I think it might be more fun if it was faster or more real-time, and might allow for some cool visual chaos in addition to the puzzley out of control fires. Good job!

Cool concept! I thought visuals were pretty confusing and had a hard time figuring out what each symbol was and what was happening to the 'system stations'. I would have also like the background to scroll when you moved so it was more clear where the ship was going. Good job!

Very cool game, I had fun playing it. I would like to see the mini-games more thematically tied into a broken train, and maybe linked to each other to introduce some strategy of picking what to do first rather than a very nice looking checklist. Seems like there is a lot of potential to make this already fun game even better!