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I mostly use the presets from ZynAddSubFX.

I used my engine's autotile feature.

No, the locked numbers group together just like the pushable ones so you can't remove any of the 9s.

That tweet was just a silly bug I ran into.

Nope, just a bad clone

Yes, and you don't need to ask this for each Poki game.

The arrows shift you one tile in the direction they're pointing in if you step on them.



I don't know where you got that from, but I'm not planning on an Itch release for Hop Warp since the web version is exclusive to Poki.

You can't block the lava in that level, but you can change its path so that you end up just one step ahead near the exit.

You can push the block up from the bottom.


That one is only on Steam (and also going on sale tomorrow).

Chessformer came first at the start of 2021.  This isn't the first clone I've seen and probably won't be the last.

Yes, I did.

To get all the green clones into position, move left, right, left, right.

Yes, they start off but can be turned on by other lights.  Once turned on, they act like normal and won't go off again.


Use the bumps on the bottom floor to push the green clone back to the left.

Get a single green into the first pit to start with.

No, you can't get all 3 to the top right area anyway.

You need to stack the bottom two so that one can jump out.

Double the levels which is 48.

It's been a while since I checked this one, but I think you just need to keep shooting at the boss while dodging at the same time.

All locks need to be unlocked at the same time by creating two expressions at once.

Subtracting a negative creates a positive.

You need to clear the top area first.

They drain energy faster and even when not hovering.

The goal in 17 is to not change any of the colors and there's one correct path for each block.

You'll need to move them into position before pushing the box over.

Press C to toggle control schemes.

Paid version, but the free version does allow web publishing (I think it adds a watermark if free).

I uploaded it there myself.

It is certainly possible.  Climb the right side with teleporting so you can go back to the middle with one energy.  You don't need to do a trick jump on the bottom right; just run back left and jump from there.

Some keyboards do have that issue with certain key combinatons.  I set a few different keys to teleport so see if one of the alternate keys avoids that problem.

You can change volume in the main menu.

There is.

The level select screen lets you skip up to 2 levels.

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The game does save after each level, so maybe something is going on with your browser not finding or keeping the save data.