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The goal in 17 is to not change any of the colors and there's one correct path for each block.

You'll need to move them into position before pushing the box over.

Press C to toggle control schemes.

Paid version, but the free version does allow web publishing (I think it adds a watermark if free).

I uploaded it there myself.

It is certainly possible.  Climb the right side with teleporting so you can go back to the middle with one energy.  You don't need to do a trick jump on the bottom right; just run back left and jump from there.

Some keyboards do have that issue with certain key combinatons.  I set a few different keys to teleport so see if one of the alternate keys avoids that problem.

You can change volume in the main menu.

There is.

The level select screen lets you skip up to 2 levels.

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The game does save after each level, so maybe something is going on with your browser not finding or keeping the save data.

You can start by moving a (-) into one of the goals but you'll notice that you can't get the (+) out without moving the (-).  So the solution is to bring over the other (-) to prevent the first (-) from being pulled away when you push the (+) out.

If you get stuck you can undo any amount of moves by holding Z or U.


You can start from level 1 on the level select scene.


All tiles must change color, so start with the plus tool to change the most tiles per move.

It gets really hard in later levels to tell where I am, but I guess that's the point.

Nice puzzle game, although for me it was a lot of trial and error when managing multiple delay cards.

The jumping seems really weird and inconsistent.

I broke the card rules at least a few times but nothing happened.  Something might be going wrong when cards have 2 rules together.

Some levels I feel like I skipped through since there were extra things I didn't interact with but maybe that's intentional.

I think the timer for each level shouldn't start until after the first move.

I read the instructions but I still got confused at the schematic/bottle level.

My good cats kept banging the bad cats so I only got about 140 in the end.

The music cut off for me after several levels.

Nice, I got S++ rating.  I also didn't use the shield at all.

Might need more "coyote time" on the jumping, but other than that it was pretty good.

Great platformer, and I played through all the levels including bonus ones.

The moving blocks didn't seem to block the fire at all unless they were stopped, which was a bit confusing.

Being able to spam click makes this quite easy.

Could use more polish but it's a good puzzle concept.

I played past level 100 but there wasn't enough variation or difficulty for me to keep trying beyond that.

On the second generator level, the walls to the left are being treated as fire.  Even without the bug I don't think I would have beaten that one.

It was really close but I managed to win on my first try without losing any health.

This is a really good puzzle game and I played through all the levels.

The transformation jumps would feel better if they worked with holding jump, not just pressing it at the exact time.

Pretty tough, only made it to 30 points.

It seems we both had the same basic idea but went in very different directions with the design.  That platform tower level was a bit mean though, placing that jape arrow right at the start.

The early spike room level was a lot harder than the levels that came after it.