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A lot, lot quicker now - thank you.  I still struggle with mouse controls though, can I PM you?

Screen update now seems good on this if set to 50fps.  However on mouse I still feel very difficult to control and I think I just figured out why. 

"Inverted" controls [when on mouse] I think should be default, that's fine as preference though but other pilots will feel the same I'm sure.

However the sensitivity of the mouse is really, really, low.  I need to have to look at the indicator and repeatedly pick up and replace mouse to move full weight shift / speed back and forth.  This is very unnatural and I would say unusable.  If you just crank up the mouse sensitivity such that full weight shift side to side is equivalent to the mouse input you would use to move your mouse across the screen on Windows then that would sort it I think.  Maybe x5 increase in sensitivity as a guess. You can then keep your hand on the mouse, on the desk, within a few inches for full control and you know where neutral is instinctively.  Could you add a setting for this please?

Nice, thank you! Hopefully will get an opportunity this weekend to try out. 

Perfect, cheers!

Just checked, older than I remember! 1GB GT610

Yes, familiar from flying hang gliders in real world. My instinct was to use mouse as per this and Hangsim, ie move the mouse as I would the basebar. I think that is how intended here as well, once get frame rate up! 

BTW any possibility of a more pilots eyes view option ? Could just be a selectable position closer in and below the hang point. 

All looks great, wish you success in your dev! 

Cheers, yes I also noted things weren't responding as I expected! Will have to check on video memory but will try other tips. Would be good if could include in information on game when have a moment :-)

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This struggles on my PC (i7 24GB memory, used to be a reasonable graphics card) so much its unplayable - any options to reduce things to speed up?