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Thanks for the suggestion! :) I will add a keybinding to center the camera.

Maybe also add option to auto center view on enemy moves.

The game already centers the camera on moving characters (if they are visible to the player's team). Do you want a "setting" so it can be disabled?

Thanks for the report DigitPenguin. I fixed the issue for the next version.

Thank you for the report!

The .love file wasn't supposed to be installed / executable via the client on Linux, because it still requires the LÖVE framework to run. 

Unfortunately there is no better way of distributing the .love file at the moment.

Loving the art style :)

Ah ok then I misread the docs! I thought it was already supposed to show my custom versions.

Thanks for the quick reply :)

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I just looked at the docs, but can't seem to get Butler to use my custom version numbers.

butler push rmcode/foo:win --userversion $major.$minor.$patch.$build

Yet in the app it displays the automatically assigned build number (274786/6182). Any help would be appreciated!

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On OSX you can capture videos with QuickTime Player (which comes with the OS).

  1. Start QuickTime Player
  2. Hit ^⌘N to bring up the window for screen recording
  3. Hit the record button
  4. Drag the mouse to select an area you want to record, or click to record the whole screen
  5. When you are done recording just hit the stop button in the menu bar
  6. QuickTime Player will create a new video which can be saved

Once you are done you can simply use one of the many online services (e.g.: this or this ... there are lots of them) to convert the video to a gif.

Example output: