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It is definitely appreciated. That old art was... real concerning!

Where might we find your email to do so?

New ships look fantastic!

Looking forward to it!

Ah, I missed those titles back then, I imagine SR2 probably drew influence from those same sources, given the similarities.

Either way, I've been thoroughly enjoying Slipways, it's exactly the sort of Management/Logistics game I've come to enjoy. Looking forward to what comes next!

This resource management system reminds me strongly of Star Ruler 2. Was this intentional inspiration or happy coincidence?

Hell yeah! Those portraits look amazing.

The new explosions and effects are really nice looking!

That'll be real nice to see in game!

Looking great! 

No worries! Just wish I had dug into the new build sooner. Hopefully it wasn't something major.

I start the game by selecting the nearest star to my starting world, setting it as a destination for my Combat Fleet, and then ending turn. Always hangs at 92%.

Getting a consistent soft crash when playing with Level 2 Pirates and Level 2 Sectoids, Easy difficulty. First turn doesn't progress beyond 92% completion.

Oh wow, that'll be pretty useful. Looking forward to the next update!

Nice! Looking forward to those new features. :)

Much later, when all is said and done, I think a Tactical Battle mode where you can test out fleet compositions and builds against an enemy would be nice to have. I know that was a big request of SotS back in the day, and I expect it'd be appreciated here. Not something to worry about til after Early Access though.

Also, out of curiosity, is multiplayer a planned feature?

Nice! I'm looking forward to seeing your designs. Three seems like a good number to start with. Always room for more later if time and money allows!

I love the look of the Sectoids! Are there plans to add multiple ship designs/themes for players/AI to use?