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I'm experiencing a really frustrating bug where the borders of the screen  don't register in the game. If I click around the edges of the game, I automatically click off to the desktop or whatever I have in the background. It's screwing up my game to the point where I'm getting bad orders left and right. Fullscreen mode also doesn't work; as soon as the clicking off thing happens, it just reverts back to borderless window mode, even though in the settings, I have it set to fullscreen. Is there anyway to fix this? This game is fantastic, but this is making it unplayable. 

Oh no worries. I was using an Android, a Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx.

I didn't see a comment section, so I started a topic; sorry if this wasn't appropriate.

I downloaded the apk onto my device, but I try to install it, it gives me an error message. "App not installed." I know it's not a storage issue. Is there something I can do to install it?

Hey, hope you guys are having a good day. I was just curious if there was any possibility, now or in the future, if you guys would consider porting this to mobile.

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Hello! I'm stupid in love with Abeni and I cant wait to play more of her route. 

I did play on an Android, and a lot of her text got cut off on the bottom. Just a heads up.

Also thank you so much for having options for nonbinary and having an enby character. Very pleasant surprise <3

Tried to launch the game, got an error outright.

Shoutout to this game for having a POC as a protagonist!! It's a nice change from the norm. <33

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Ah, I played this when it was just a demo! That's so cool to see it grow up into a full game <3

Can I like,,, marry these girls?

Akarsha is my true love. Also, Chryssa and her puns? <33333

Ah that was so fun!

This was cute lol, I felt bad for rejecting the guys tho XD

I literally love this

I am so bad at this game XD It looks amazing though

Can't download it.. neither links work...

Hooomygosh!!! I'm so excited~ Thanks for letting me know!!

I really loved this! I got both bad endings. Still trying to find the third. In any case, the art was really pretty, loved the music and the concept. 5/5!

That'd be nice if you have any extra time. It'd be easier to play.

Something like that, yeah.

Any plans to port it to PC?

Have you played The Static Speaks My Name? It's another game about suicide, and insanity...

This game left me hanging so bad, like I almost cried when it got closer to the end. I really hated that this was a demo, now I have to be here for the full version. Ah, and I checked out your tumblr and read your comics! So pretty~ Your art style is beautifully unique!

Hey in game, how do you exit out? Like quit the game? And does it have an auto-save?

I loved it. Emmeline reminded me of myself, and she was funny, despite her story. The ending was heartwarming as well. I'd like to know where I can find the song in the credits though.

I got stuck ;__; I can't find Barlow. Where do I look for him at?

Honest to God, I expected the first Giovanni ending. But Cycle of Revenge and Burned Out Hope killed me. ;n;

Loved it!

Oh okay, awesome, thanks! I'll probably get both updates, just because things like that are interesting to me, and your game looks kinda amazing :3 I'm really into storytelling, so I can't wait to see what you've got planned next.

Hey, your game is pretty cool, but I hit a bug early on where right after the dialogue between the main character and some elf trying to sell its body, the game won't let me move. Should I reinstall or is there something else wrong?

Does v17 run on windows as well?

I can't get out of the first room... I tried a lot of different ways (making the game screen smaller, windowing the engine) but I can't seem to get the option to leave inside my screen...

Ooh, can't wait to try it out!