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This game left me hanging so bad, like I almost cried when it got closer to the end. I really hated that this was a demo, now I have to be here for the full version. Ah, and I checked out your tumblr and read your comics! So pretty~ Your art style is beautifully unique!

Oh gosh! Well first of all, thank you! Everything you said is so lovely and I appreciate it so so much!

I'm so sorry that this is just the demo and I really would have loved to have the full game out by now-- but you wouldn't believe what happened to me in October to push this back! (In short: a lot!) So I've been swamped with work to help recover from some of that stuff so sadly this project has been put on the back-burner a bit.

I still work on it at least a little bit each week-- so I'm expecting to have a January or February release! I'll use your wonderful comment as a motivatior and I promise to try and make the wait worth it! <3333

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that the full game was just released! I hope you enjoy!

Hooomygosh!!! I'm so excited~ Thanks for letting me know!!