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Hello! I'm stupid in love with Abeni and I cant wait to play more of her route. 

I did play on an Android, and a lot of her text got cut off on the bottom. Just a heads up.

Also thank you so much for having options for nonbinary and having an enby character. Very pleasant surprise <3

I'm glad you like her and thanks for the heads up 😅 I knew Abeni's passages tended to be longer but I hate doing development work on my phone. Phones are so stupidly delicate and debugging on them is nightmarish— at the time I didn't have a spare, but I do now !! I'll get it fixed as soon as I get a minute...

Sorry for the double reply but it occurred to me that I didn't ask what sort of device you're using !! Let me know if you can so I'm a little bit better prepared to fix Abeni up before next release :)

Oh no worries. I was using an Android, a Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx.