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Best boyfriend has healing properties ☺️


Thank-you, I'm glad you like it !!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚


jfianfjskd THANK YOU I'm glad you enjoyed urself 🤣

No prob !! The best kind of bug is the kind that I don't have to fix 😂

For reference, I've found what you meant along the picking Valerian part: that just needs a little investigation, Valerian's section was a little awkward when it came to progression due to some complicated bits in the translation from Ren'py to Twine. I went through the part with Noor and I don't think I saw anything, but I wasn't doing a very close reading (I don't have the files on me to fix atm so even if I found it on that reading, I may not have recalled it later when I was able to fix it 😅).

💚💚💚💚💚💚 I'm glad you found Siruud too 😂😂💚💚

H'm, maybe more specificity would help so that I could investigate !! It's not impossible: the way that progression moves might be bugged. You've mentioned where you first pick Valerian: that I can check. For the Noor passages, is there a specific part?

💚💚💚💚 glad you like him !!! and ty for commenting 💚

I've got an update for this in the works that's gunna incorporate dual pronouns (so you can use both actively) 👀

I'm glad you like it! I definitely wanted to convey a sense of like, formlessness and something approaching dysphoria (although I hope it didn't squick you out or anything!) so I'm glad that comes across 💚💚💚💚

🚨 L I G M A  B A L L S 🚨

TY 💚💚💚💚

Oh, I don't think I'm the best person to do this! I wouldn't want to like...bias you or anything. I'm sure it's just fine!

Oh you absolutely can !! I'd love to see it (I'm heart-forge on there !!)

💚💚💚💚 Hybrid's still on the back burner unfortch, but that just means that all the neat features I painstakingly learn how to integrate with the other games will carry over REAL easy when the time comes lol !!

Blight is kind of a combo between poison/general illness !!

LOL if you could figure out my variables to cheat, I'd applaud 😂 . H'm I'm not entirely sure what would be doing it? I can't replicate it on Firefox: hitting the back button from settings works just fine for me. Maybe it's something to do with how Twine interacts with Safari? Unfortunately I can't test that because Apple will only let their software run on their hardware (🙃). I've read that on some browsers, it's possible for player to hit some...invisible button? To get into debug mode. Lots of people are posting about it happening, but I'm not seeing any solutions unfortunately :( You're not the only one this has happened to, but I think the other instance was solved by the player restarting without a save. That's all I can recommend while Apple won't let me develop for them and the only people posting solutions are using a different coding language than I am 😔 I'll try to keep digging in to it!

WOW what a wild coincidence! Not only guessing one name right, but two of them? My third eye is wide open in the most niche way possible 👁️

Unfortunately I need more information than this! What were you doing, from what page did you move to this page, what browser are you using, are you connected to the internet while you play. You're not getting any of the CSS, I can see: maybe try clearing your cache?

I would LOVE to know why Twine is launching debug mode for players. Had you tried to load a save before this? Saves might be broken atm and apparently Firefox lets you guys play with the debugger if it detects an error, for some reason.

I'm not seeing any issues restarting on my end, which might be an issue with like, a specific set of choices that get set (usually it helps to have a specific passage where you restarted but of course I understand that you wouldn't have that, not anticipating a total breakdown). And yeah, Harlowe's a real Mad Max wasteland of features. Half the stuff I'm doing I needed a programming degree to figure out 😂😂 and god yeah, writing can be the worst part. I abandoned character details so quickly like, half because I struggled to reintegrate them into the story again 😅

Oh you must be using SugarCube (based entirely on the <if></if> which is (if: condition)[code] in Harlowe): I'm on Harlowe !! And weirdly, I haven't been able to replicate an issue with finishing the game and then restarting? I'm always able to return to home and restart without an issue, so I'm not even sure what could be causing it OTL

Oh yeah, maybe an old save just won't work on the new system 😅😅 now we're all the way back to build a save. Sorry for the pain!

I've heard reload doesn't work using the itch iframe 💀💀💀 ugh I'm honestly not sure what might be wrong. The new release has been awash with bugs that I can't replicate: new game works fine for me, so I'd need more information. At this point it might just be an issue with the way itch iframe is handling the game because I haven't been able to replicate any of the present bugs !! Honestly, I'm only using the iframe for the sake of the assets on mobile, because I couldn't figure out how to make the assets launch properly on my phone and I was tired of trying 😅

Thank you for still liking the game despite the whack issues 🙏‍

He'll be so mad when he finally figures it out 😂😂

Okay wait, can you tell me specifically what you were trying to do here and what went wrong? Because the save page is NEVER supposed to lead to the home page, for my sanity, and saves still work as intended for me?

DAMN IT I DIDN'T TEST SAVES BEFORE LAUNCH. This is probably because I updated Twine. Lemme see what kind is nonsense I have to pull here 😅

Oof, so it should be fixed now !! Like I said, the bug couldn't replicate perfectly because I think it was an issue with leaving the game screen to view stats or save the game, but it's fixed now !! Hopefully, anyway 😅

Dipping back in to report that in theory, the bug has been fixed !! I'm not sure if it was your extension or luck of the draw, but hopefully you won't encounter progression loops again !!

Oh! Weirdly I'm glad it was an extension doing it ;; although it also could just be the luck of the draw ;; I'm going over the incrementation with a fine tooth comb to try and make it function without issues anyway !! And external saves aren't something that Twine does. I could probably build something that would imitate it, but that's a lot of work for something that's too....variable to work for everyone, you know? That's why I made build a save !! So you won't have to play through from the start every single time.

I don't think it's Firefox because I also use it! There's some weird stuff going on with progression which seems largely random from person to person, with the added complexity that I can't replicate any individual case 😅 I'm gunna have a look at it tomorrow, but it's gunna take a minute as far as fixes go. My running theory is that it has something to do with the (history:) array breaking everything, as the game can only move forward so long as the (history:) array does not contain the passage the player is on (preventing an initial bug wherein navigating to the stats page and then back would erroneously increment the count again). My running theory is that this is breaking the game in fun new ways for different people, so we're gunna try to work around that ;;

Yaay !! 💚💚💚💚💚 I've had her sprite under wraps for so long, I'm glad I could finally share her !!!!

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H'm this one is a thinker. Thanks for the report! I'm gunna need a minute to figure out why it's doing this 😅 if it helps, though, you ended JUST short of the actual ending. Except for one passage and the credits, you did get all the way through!

EDIT: Okay, I can't replicate this! Which means: either it was a series of unlucky clicks (I think I've observed that the count kind of goes haywire if it gets clicked too fast: I'm not even sure if that's what it is, but sometimes the count messes up for no discernible reason, so I'm chalking it up to the engine), or something in the exact sequence of events you chose from a certain point (and I don't know which point ;;). If you try replaying the chapter using the build a save feature, hopefully you won't encounter the bug again!

Sorry: this obviously isn't an ideal solution, but there's a lot of moving parts on this one and if it isn't the OBVIOUS problem (ie, I named something wrong or have a passage that's affecting the count) then it could be anything ;;

Thank-you !! That's fine by me 💚

💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 hope you like her as much as demon boy 👀

Okay, I followed up and here's what I found:

1) I'm seeing that navigating away from the page is erasing the reaction-dependent text, like you said. I think that's an error with how the incremental code runs (ie when you pick a reaction, it changes the variable $_reaction to either charismatic, compassionate, or irritable; this is then used to increment your player personality (giving you one point higher in one of the three personality types), and then erased so it isn't constantly changing even when you don't choose anything). In theory, it shouldn't be running on utility pages like the save dialogue: I'll need to have a look at what the hell is going on there, which might take a hot second.

Overall, I don't think you're seeing dialogue-dependent text when you navigate BACK to that page: you're just seeing the general text that appears regardless of what you choose, to rejoin the branching dialogue.

2) In the same vein as the last part of the other bug, Siruud will always mock you for not being able to kill him, even if you never even tried to. It's because he's a jerk, and assumes that your moral stance against killing him for no reason is a weakness, the same as he views your last minute refusal to go through with your attempt at violence as a weakness: weird guy! I'd like to hope it just read weird because you had a bumpy few passages 😅

Ooo, thanks! I'll definitely have a look at this when I can get to it, and don't worry, it's still an active project, I just have another game that required a full transfer to a different engine (the same way that BR did an update ago, but with a few more complicated mechanics) and a freelance writing job that eats up quite a bit of my time (gotta priotize the thing that pays my rent though 😅). It's a very thorough bug report though, so thank you!

For sure !! Him and Tahira are the two romance options !!