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Thank you! I wanted to make this game hurt, although I could have worked a bit more on the collisions. I wanted to make the game feel rewarding to those who stuck with it, so thanks for pushing through!

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Fun game! I completed it all. Here's some feed back. The use of theme was not the best, dying just made the level restart, there was no advantage to dying. I wish the aim wouldn't reset after each death. Sometimes my aim is just a bit off, and I would like to move it a bit but resetting the aim made it difficult to do that. Also, holding up or down should move the aim at a constant rate. Pressing up or down over and over becomes a bit tedious. Now, the good stuff. The moving platforms were great! The first level with one made me sync when I start charging to the position of the moving platform. If I charged too soon or late, the platform would block my throw. I liked the levels, they were well done. Not too hard and not too easy.  I also appreciate being able to press 'R' to restart a level quicker. Overall, an enjoyable game with a good difficultly curve!

Thanks for the feedback. The collider on the player has rounded edges, so that explains why you keep sliding down.  The only difficult platform for me is the first one. Once I get on that, I pause before jumping to the next one. Maybe you need to pause before jumping again if you already aren't. It is possible to complete the game, I've tested it many times, but with the game jam constraints perhaps I didn't get enough testing which made the difficulty spikes uneven.

Waaaaah, so no fade effects?

Could you try downloading .net core 2.2 instead? I added it to the download instructions since .net core 2.2 is the version I used to build the game.